9000 hikers took ‘TIMS’ card online

With the government making the Padayatri Information Management System (TIMS) card and trekking guide mandatory for foreign tourists going on a trek, the number of trekkers who get the Tims card online has increased.


Nepal Tourism Board, Trekking Agencies Association of Nepal (TAN) and the joint organization of workers in the tourism sector have implemented the rule that foreign tourists visiting Nepal cannot go on treks without a Tims card and a guide.

9 thousand three hundred and 20 hikers have taken the Tims card since April 1. Similarly, during the same period, more than 1,500 trekking companies have joined the teams. The government has been charging Rs.

TAN President Neelhari Bastola says that the Tims card has been distributed online for the convenience of tourists. “To make the walk safe, reliable and orderly, the government has arranged mandatory guides and team cards”, he says. President Bastola Barseni said that more than a dozen hikers have gone missing without notice while going on a hike alone, saying that guides are mandatory for the safety of tourists.

“When a tourist goes on a trek alone and gets lost, the message has been sent abroad that Nepal is not a safe destination for trekking, it is important to get rid of it,” says President Bastola. According to Tan, by making teams card and guides mandatory, tourists will be safe, Nepalese tourist guides will get jobs, and companies will pay revenue to the state when they go through the company, which will benefit everyone.

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