Based on the application, we will arrange loan time for startup entrepreneurs: Department of Industry


Industry, Ministry of Commerce and Supply, The Department of Industries has said that project proposals for start-up enterprise loans have started coming in.


industry department, Director General of Tripureshwar Ramchandra Tiwari informed that start-up entrepreneurs started applying from the day after the notification was released.

He told Livingwith ICTEntrepreneurs in various fields have started applying from the day after the department released the notification. We will accept their applications within the next 21 days.

According to Tiwari, director general of the department, based on the application submitted by the startup entrepreneur, the loan will be disbursed in about 2 months after the selection in the first stage.

Director General Tiwari said when asked how long the entrepreneurs who applied will get the loan First, how many applications fall into which areas, Time is determined based on that assessment. If there are many applications, it may take 2 to 4 months. But if it is less, we will coordinate with the National Bank of the loan within 2 months.

He informed that discussions on this issue are being held in the Ministry of Industry and regular meetings are also being held in the department.

Latest knowledge within 21 days of notification issued by department, Thinking, It is said that those who have skills and abilities can apply for loans in the department. Startups whose paid-up capital is not more than 50 lakhs can apply for loans.

According to the procedure, a loan of up to 25 lakh rupees will be available, The interest rate of which will be only 3 percent. Startups will get a loan of up to 2.5 million rupees at 3 percent interest rate for a maximum period of 7 years without collateral, i.e. by putting their own business as collateral. An entrepreneur cannot make more than one offer.

Copy of company or industry registration certificate along with proposal while applying, Copy of Permanent Account Number, A copy of the tax payment certificate of the previous financial year and a copy of the citizenship of the official representative of the company or industry should also be sent. In proposal industry department or [email protected] Can be sent by email. The documents attached with the proposal should be scanned and sent in one PDF file.

What is the process of giving loan to a startup venture? ?

Industry, Ministry of Commerce and Supply, Department of Industries for Startup Enterprise Loans Procedures have been prepared.

department latest knowledge, Thinking, Startup Enterprise Loan Fund Procedure 2079 has been prepared for those who have skills and abilities.

According to the procedure, the paid-up capital of the startup entrepreneur who is doing the business should not be more than 50 million The total income should not be more than 50 lakhs.

Ditto fixed capital (Apart from real estate value) Should not be more than 2 crores. It is mentioned in the procedure that the number of full-time workers in such an enterprise should be less than 100.

At least 5 percent of the total expenditure incurred by the enterprise annually is product development, Market development and research and development should have been spent.

It is stated in the procedure that an enterprise should use information technology and use creative thinking to solve the problems faced by consumers in the service delivery or distribution process of a product.

But those who are not registered in Nepal according to the prevailing law, Importing goods or services from abroad without the use of information technology and innovative thinking, and if a skilled company or businessman is found to be fragmented or working as a subsidiary company or firm, it is mentioned in the procedure that it is not considered a start-up industry.

Similarly, the Industrial Business Act as a holding company without a permanent account number for tax purposes,According to the procedure of 2076, the enterprise classified as medium or large scale industry is not allowed to take start-up loan.

In which area they can operate a start-up enterprise ?

department latest knowledge, Thinking, A procedure has been introduced by including these 14 areas so that C and capacity can be developed as startup enterprises, In which the first preference is based on agriculture and livestock On offer to the enterprise is kept

Forest in the second place ( Herbs, forest produce)Enterprise based on, The third relates to tourism promotion and entertainment and hospitality, The fourth science, Technology, Based on communication and gram technology, The fifth relates to human health services, 6th related to education and teaching learning , Seventh relates to easy and safe transport and transit services, The eighth is related to infrastructure construction work, The ninth relates to automobiles, Tenth traditional technique, Related to improving the process of production and service delivery, Eleven related to mining and mineral research and development, Twelfth Household or daily living simple, Simple, New knowledge in areas related to food production and processing in the thirteenth and waste management and environment in the fourteenth to help make safe, Thinking, The procedures that can be adopted as a startup enterprise by those with skills and abilities have been prescribed.


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