Bhojmandu is a restaurant-to-home food delivery platform

2 months before the lockdown to prevent the spread of the corona epidemic in Nepal, Sunil Yadav of Kathmandu planned to start a parcel delivery business. The idea was to deliver home-made fresh food for students and working people to their places.


But when the nationwide lockdown was announced on Chait 11, 2076, Sunil said this plan ‘failed’. The idea was put on hold after everyone was forced to stay at home due to the lockdown. Even though an idea was on hold, Sunil was running inside to do something of his own. Then came the idea of ​​’online food delivery’.

After the plan to deliver the parcel did not materialize, it started as an online food delivery company from 1st May 2077. feast Sunil Yadav, founder and CEO of Bhojmandu said that it started.

After the lockdown, the previous business partners also left. But in the meantime, he met Gautam Desai, head of finance of Sunway College. At that time Sunil was guided by Desai. Desai is also the co-founder of Bhojmandum.

Sunil says that the name Bhojmandu has been given for the purpose of eradicating hunger in the valley. During the Corona epidemic, frozen mums were being delivered door to door by placing them in a van with a refrigerator.

Gradually, as Bhojmandu became popular, the demand of customers also started to increase. Then they added a cake item to their platform. Sunil says that the cake has sold like no other. Started ordering KK from Bhojmandu to celebrate birthdays, anniversaries etc.

Bhojmandu’s growth was going well. He had already started calling the restaurant to list himself in Bhojmandu. After that, restaurants started joining. Currently, various dishes available in the restaurant can be ordered from Bhojmandu.

Bhojmandu was progressing well. But a rule of the government caused havoc. The police stopped the online food delivery service on the road because of the spread of corona infection. They let it be delivered. Sunil said that there was a loss of 40-50 thousand in one day.

‘Bhojmandu’s growth was going well. But when the government suddenly stopped online delivery, there was a loss,” says Sunil sadly. “After that, the online delivery companies went to court and the court ordered them to deliver using security measures.”

Bhojmandu’s financial situation became weak when the service was not running for some time. Now slowly Tangrin is trying. Now Bhojmandu has been providing its services not only during the day but also from 11 pm to 3 am. Bhojmandu, which started from Kathmandu Valley, has also expanded to Virganj.

According to Sunil, Nepal’s policies and regulations are not startup-friendly. He further says, ‘E-commerce policy has not come. Even the banks and investors of Nepal do not support Nepali startups.’

The company is celebrating its third anniversary on the 1st of Baisakh. There are more than 25,000 registered users in the journey of about 3 years. More than 25 thousand orders have been delivered.

More than 100 orders are being delivered every day in Kathmandu Valley. Most of those orders are at night. According to Sunil, Bhojmandu has been delivering orders in 30 to 45 minutes at night and 1 hour as much as possible during the day.

He said that there are plans to expand Bhojmandu to Chitwan, Pokhara and other cities in the coming days. Bhojmandu has also modified the UI of the mobile app to give the customer a new experience.

According to Bhojmandu rules, restaurants have to do packaging. Sunil says that they are using biodegradable packaging to reduce environmental pollution.

“At present, environmental pollution is increasing in Nepal. To reduce it, we use biodegradable packaging,’ says Sunil, ‘We are doing what we can to prevent environmental pollution. There is a plan to provide biodegradable packaging to the restaurant in the future.’

So far, more than 40 lakhs have been invested in Bhojmandu. Bhojmandu is bringing a subscription plan in the near future. After taking the subscription, users will get free delivery, cashback, discounts and other benefits.

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