Chat lock feature rolling out on WhatsApp

Meta’s popular messaging app WhatsApp is about to get a new update so that chat can be locked. For the safety and privacy of users, WhatsApp is about to bring a new feature.


With the help of this feature, users will now be able to lock individual chats and keep them under strict security.

WhatsApp said in its blog post that the chat lock feature has been introduced to protect the personal and intimate chats of the users.

With the help of the chat lock feature, the user can lock the chat of a specific user or group. With the help of this feature, users can list their special contacts and groups separately from the regular chat.

With the help of chat lock, the message of a particular contact can be hidden from the notification panel. Chats can be locked with biometric, pin and password.

This is how you can use chat lock

To use chat lock, you need to update WhatsApp. After updating WhatsApp, you have to open the app on your phone.
The contact or group to lock the chat should be selected from the chat list.

After that, open the contact or group chat window and tap on the person or group name in the chat window.

There you can see the chat lock feature and to use the feature, you have to toggle it on. This new feature is still being rolled out.

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