January 28, 2021 – Almost 3 months ago, we created a survey asking some of the most important questions related to Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.

In just 2 weeks we received close to 500 responses that were actually pretty concerning and saddening after reading some of the replies from people suffering from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS).

Not only were these individuals suffering from CFS, but they also had a whole host of other conditions that accompanied their CFS which you will see in the results below.

If you are reading this and have CFS, we hope you find some solace that you’re not suffering on your own and there are communities of people with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, also known as Long-Hauler Fatigue Syndrome, who are helping one another.

Our aim with this survey is to increase the exposure of the CFS community and other related conditions as it still isn’t being taken as seriously as it should be despite being a huge problem and growing problem in today’s society.

  • 96% of people would participate in a clinical study on ME/CFS/Post Viral Fatigue Treatments
  • The majority of people with CFS were in the 45- 55 age range
  • 47% of people had suffered with ME / CFS / PVFS for 10 years
  • 22% were diagnosed by a Doctor / GP
  • Majority (47%) said viral infection
  • 85% used Vitamins / Supplements as treatment & 65% used Diet Change
  • 57% of people found no effect from their chosen treatment, but 31% did respond positively
  • Depression / Anxiety / Stress was the most common additional medical condition
  • 52% said they had no side effects + symptoms didn’t worsen from their treatment
  • Most popular supplement was Magnesium (40% of people) and 2% taking NAD+ and/or NMN
  • 71% of people noticed their motivation was lower when fatigued
  • 64% said exercise brings on their fatigue
  • Majority of people (67%) said they get easily fatigued
  • 77% said fatigue interferes with their physical functioning
  • 73% agreed that fatigue causes frequent problems for them
  • Majority (70%) said that their fatigue interferes with carrying out duties and responsibilities
  • Fatigue is the most disabling symptom for 70% of people
  • 79% of people said fatigue interferes with their work, family and social life
  • 63% of people said their quality of life was “Very Poor” or “Poor”

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