Derma Essentia Introduces Quiz to Create a Custom Skincare Routine

Derma Essentia is excited to release its easy-to-use customized skin analysis quiz to help you handle your skincare routine with ease.


Mohali, India, 12 February 2021 – For the first time ever, The essence of the derma, an India based skincare dermo-cosmetic company, is excited to release its easy-to-use customized skin analysis quiz to help you handle your skincare routine with ease.

Derma Essentia further explains that ‘Skin Analysis’ is a virtual quiz designed by a professionally qualified team to analyze many aspects, inclusive of age, gender, specific skin and hair concern and other associated queries to discover your skin problem. This quiz assists to define your personalized skincare routine with suitable skin-friendly ingredients.

Visit and choose one option to start analyzing your skin concern.

About Derma Essence

Derma Essentia explains that “we at ‘Derma Essentia’ make premium skin & hair care products to make a profound difference in the lives of our customers. ‘Derma Essentia’ believes in nature-inspired quality products backed by science for the protection and nourishment of your skin. We develop skincare derma products with Pure & Natural actives that are derived with modern technology & are clinically proven to deliver optimum results.

Derma Essentia provides a wide variety of dermatologically tested skincare and haircare products to help improve your skin and hair, including a vitamin C serum, Under eye cream, Skin Brightening cream and many more.. all offered on its website at

Derma Essentia continues to state that, “Derma Essentia is the OTC division of ‘Aurel Biolife,’ a company synonymous with quality and excelling in scientific product development for the last 10 years. Cosmeceuticals for advanced skincare is the focus area of this venture. ‘Excellence in Quality’ is the hallmark of our diverse range of products. We have a professionally qualified team for scientific research and formulation development as well as ‘Quality Assurance’.

For so many people looking for quality skincare products, it can be difficult to know where to turn. That’s where Derma Essentia comes in. With a focus on skin-friendly ingredients and quick customer service, Derma Essentia’s skincare services are guaranteed to give you the healthy skin you need to succeed.

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Official Disclaimer: “From ancient times there are endless secrets hidden in science for skin. The need is to recognise and choose the best ones. At Derma Essentia we found our Skin Wellness Formula i.e. Science = Skincare. It is a reflection of our initiative to bridge the gap between Science and Skincare Solutions through our products that cater to every skin type. The connection of the alphabet ‘S’ and ‘S’ is a depiction of the same. The aim was to capture the main essence of the brand i.e. helping people experience naturally healthy skin and hair, symbolically represented by a Shine icon as a part of alphabet E.”

Contact Info:

Name: Isha Singla
Organization: The essence of Derma
Address: Derma Essentia, Mohali, India
Phone: +91 8847215039

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