Embossed number plate writable in Devanagari script

According to the construction company Tiger Decatur IT, embossed number plates can be written in Devanagari script. The company claims that it will cost Rs 77 crore more. The company has given this information by sending a letter to the Department of Transportation.

The Ministry of Physical Infrastructure and Transport had sent a letter to the company about whether the entire plate can be written in Devanagari script or not and what should be done for that. In response to the same letter, the company said that more investment and time will be required. The first contract was worth four billion 67 million rupees.

Director General of Transport Management Department Suresh Raut said, ‘A letter has been received that it is possible to write in Devanagari script, but it has been demanded that more time and investment be required for that. We have sent the letter to the Ministry of Transport.’

The ministry is going to ask the company for expenses with detailed details. Chudaraj Dhakal, the spokesperson of the ministry, said, ‘It is seen that the expenditure will increase. We have asked for detailed distribution again. We are in discussion.’

According to the department, it is also important to know what to do with past contracts and distributed number plates. According to him, when writing in Devanagari script, the number plate needs to be redesigned. When the investment increases, it is also expensive for the customer.

Since the installation of embossed plates started in August 2074, there has been a dispute about the language and the name of the province. The issue of non-use of numbers and letters of Nepali language on the plate reached the Supreme Court.

In February 2074, the distribution of plates was stopped after the court gave an interim order not to use embossed numbers on vehicles immediately.

On November 27, 2076, the constitutional bench of five judges, including the currently suspended Chief Justice Cholendra Shamsher Rana, dismissed the writ.

After the cancellation, the distribution was resumed. The Parliamentary Committee had also instructed to arrange writing in Devanagari script. Gorkhapatra

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