Huawei Cloud’s new framework for partners

Huawei has released a new cloud partner package for 2023. At the event in Kathmandu, Huawei announced a new package for its partners.


Jitendra Kumar Sharma, Huawei’s development partner, participated in the program, which was attended by Nepal’s Huawei cloud partners Prixa Technology, Janes Solutions, Cloud World Solutions, Telenet and Adex.

With the Go Cloud and Grow Cloud frameworks, Huawei strives to broaden the scope of incentives and investment opportunities for resellers, distributors, service providers and hardware partners.

Huawei’s Grow Cloud plan has four packages namely Standard, Advanced, Premium and Strategic. Each package includes various incentives such as quarterly and annual growth benefits and special benefit plans for the sale of Huawei’s advanced cloud services.

The new package will also offer five additional benefits, including a marketing development fund, cash coupons for using Huawei Cloud, and an incentive program for partner employees to expand sales.

It is said that the main priority of this package is to encourage the partners’ businesses by providing them with the necessary tools and resources to succeed.

One of the key benefits of the program is capacity building and certification, which will give partners the opportunity to develop their skills and expertise through free technical courses and certifications provided by Huawei.

Huawei’s Go Cloud service is another important aspect of the new package. This package supports service partners in building professional cloud services through services such as cloud resale, consulting, cloud migration and implementation, application re-architect/cloud native development and management.

The main objectives of these programs are to identify and develop business capabilities of partners, develop Huawei’s cloud-based applications, strengthen software solutions, transfer existing data to Huawei Cloud, and conduct joint marketing with Huawei Cloud.

Overall, the Huawei Cloud Partner Program will be a great opportunity for Huawei’s partners to expand their business and improve their skills.

Through various plans, Huawei is committed to strengthening its relationship with its partners and expanding access to technology nationwide.

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