‘My Digital Nepal, My Imagination’ competition is being held in collaboration with My Second Teacher

‘My Digital Nepal, My Imagination’ competition is being held in collaboration with My Second Teacher

Because of the Corona epidemic, most students are now studying from home. With the expansion of digital technology, the order of alternative learning is also increasing.

Meanwhile, a ‘My Digital Nepal, My Vision’ competition has started for students up to class 12 or 19.

Students will be able to participate in this program organized by Living with ICT in collaboration with My Second Teacher till July 12.

Students will be able to participate in the competition by preparing one of the essays, poems, articles or animations envisioning a prosperous digital Nepal of the future.

By selecting the creations of the students received till July 12, the best 7 will be awarded Rs. Prizes ranging from Rs 25,000 to Rs 100,000 will be given, according to the organizers.

The organizers expect more than a thousand students to participate in the program to announce the winner in the second week of August, 2078 BS.

Students wishing to participate can submit their creations to MyDigitalNepal.org (www.mydigitalnepal.org).

In this competition, based on the Digital Nepal Framework released by the Government of Nepal in 2019, students will imagine the future by assimilating the ongoing government or private efforts in digitization.

The program has the support of Government of Nepal, Ministry of Communications and Information Technology, CAN Federation, Federation of Nepalese Chambers of Commerce and Industry (ICT Development Committee), PABSON and other organizations.

My Second Teacher is the main sponsor of the program in an effort to transform education and learning with the slogan ‘Future of Nepal’.

My Second Teacher is a learning platform developed by Innovate Tech Nepal based on Cambridge University, which is currently being used in more than 18 countries.

Named ICT Writing and Digital Creativity Competition in my Digital Nepal theme, the event has a 7-member selection committee including representatives of various organizations and experts.

Prizes will also be given to the best according to the selection process in different stages. Rajan Lamsal, chairman of the organizing committee, said that the program would make the students aware of the Digital Nepal campaign and inculcate the habit of studying in the field of technology.

The organizers are confident of drawing the attention of the government and stakeholders to make a prosperous digital Nepal of tomorrow by appreciating the thinking and sentiments of the new generation coming from this competition.


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