Naples Young Entrepreneurs Forum launches networking platform for startups and entrepreneurs

Naples Young Entrepreneurs Forum launches networking platform for startups and entrepreneurs

The Naples Young Entrepreneurs Forum (NYEF) aims to bring a platform for networking startups and entrepreneurs. NYEF is preparing to make the platform public shortly.

Udip Shrestha, executive director of Panchakanya Group and chairman of NYEF, said that the networking platform will be made public in the next three to six months.

The networking platform will be available on the website and mobile app. The platform will initially be available as a portal and will then come to the mobile app. Shrestha said that one can put his queries related to startups and entrepreneurship on the platform.

“Experience can be exchanged by connecting with each other,” he told ICT News. “If there’s any confusion about startups or entrepreneurship, ask the community.”

NYEF for the first time in Nepal a few days ago Entrepreneur Portal Was made public. The portal has information on business registration, taxes, property registration, business financing, intellectual property, labor law, foreign investment and more.

The portal also provides information on how to attract investors, how to form a team, how to recruit staff, marketing ideas, accounting systems, sales training, how to create a positive work environment in the portal.

The portal also has a success story. All the information required for entrepreneurship is kept in one portal. Shrestha says that it will help businesses and entrepreneurs starting from new startups.


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