Ncell’s My Plan: You can create your own bundle pack according to your service needs

Ncell customers can now make their own service plans according to their needs and use the services at affordable rates. Ncell Asiata Limited launched the attractive Ncell My Plan on Thursday.


Under this special plan, the customer can take the service by making his own plan i.e. bundle pack according to his voice, data and SMS service needs.

This is the first facility of its kind in Nepal where customers can make their own packs. Customers can easily create this plan under the Ncell for Business service targeted at enterprise customers through the Ncell app.

There are two options in My Plan, My Plan 500 and My Plan Flexi. Customers can create their own pack by setting on-net, off-net voice, SMS and data volume.

Corporate and postpaid customers can renew this plan in a 30-day time cycle. My Plan 500 includes tax of Rs 500 and in this the customer can create a bundle pack of on net, off net voice, SMS service and data volume worth Rs 500.

Similarly, under the flexi plan, customers can make their plan for 30 days by determining the volume of on-net, off-net voice, SMS and data services worth more than Rs 500.

In addition to the services available in the plan, customers who take My Plan will get 2500 minutes of on-net talk time and 1000 on-net SMS services for free. The on net voice and SMS service obtained in this way can be used from 6 am to 6 pm.

In My Plan Flexi, the price of the plan is fixed according to the volume of services the customer adds to the pack and the services also become comparatively more accessible. In My Flexi Plan, the customer can create a bundle pack of maximum 200 GB data, 2500 minutes on net, off talk time and 2500 SMS.

Corporate customers attach great importance to this special feature, which can be easily accessed from the Ncell app. In the Ncell app, the customer can go to the top right menu bar of the screen, click on the profile and open the My Plan to create their own pack according to their voice, data and SMS service needs.

For example, customers can create their My Plan 500 with data worth Rs 300, off-net and on-net calls worth Rs 150 and SMS services worth Rs 50. As this pack is valid for 30 days time cycle, you have to pay your fee before 30 days to avoid interruption of outgoing service.

In the event that My Plan services are completed before 30 days, the customer can avail voice, data and SMS services of Ncell at existing charges under PayJugo.

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