Nepal Telecom succeeds in internet expansion, revenue growth by 475 percent

Nepal Telecom succeeds in internet expansion, revenue growth by 475 percent

Nepal Telecom’s FTTH has achieved great success at a time when the Internet is expanding rapidly in the country. Its one-year FTTH revenue has increased by 475 percent.

Nepal Telecom made public the data in a press conference on Monday and informed that it has earned Rs. 690 million from FTTH in the fiscal year 2077/78. This is 475 percent more than the previous year. In FY 2076/77, the income from FTTH was Rs. 120 million.

Speaking on the occasion, Managing Director of Nepal Telecom, Dilli Ram Adhikari, said that the market price was controlled after Nepal Telecom introduced FTTH service. “We have intervened in the market by expanding FTTH services,” he said.

Nepal Telecom has connected 180,000 FTTH. As per the data made public by the telco till September 5, the telco has connected 180,534 FTTH.

Nepal Telecom is providing telephone, internet and television services from the same fiber. Telecom has been providing only voice and data services under FTTH service and has also been providing IP TV service under NT TV brand since last December 17.

Telecom has accelerated the expansion of FTTH. Telecom has brought a plan to expand additional 226,000 fiber nets across the country under the 2078/79 annual program of the current fiscal year.

Telecom has also announced to celebrate this financial year as the year of FTTH service expansion. The company also aims to expand FTTH to 65 districts this fiscal year.


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