New product using Harmony OS 2 made public, supporting around 100 devices

New product using Harmony OS 2 made public, supporting around 100 devices

Huawei today unveiled smartphones, smart watches and tablets powered by the new Harmony OS 2 operating system. These include the Huawei Mate Forty Series, the Huawei Mate, the Huawei Watch Three Series, and the new version of the Huawei Mate Pad Pro.

Huawei has also unveiled the Huawei Frauds 4, its next-generation open-fit Active Noise Cancellation wireless Bluetooth earbuds and two high-end monitors, the Huawei Mate View Huawei Mate View GT.

The company announced on the occasion that about 100 other Huawei devices – both smartphones and tablets – will be upgraded to run on Harmony OS 2, giving consumers access to a seamless intelligent experience across all devices in a variety of scenarios.

We have more smart devices in our lives than ever before but the experience they provide is often not that smart. Isolated systems complicate interconnectivity and tasks that ultimately lead to a fragmented user experience.

Harmony OS is designed to solve this problem. As the next-generation operating system for smart devices, Harmony OS provides a common language for connection and collaboration for a variety of devices, providing users with a more convenient, intuitive and secure experience.

It uses distributed technology enabling flexible deployment to meet the diverse needs of all types of devices with a single system.

Harmony OS combines previously independent devices into a combination and overall super device that integrates all hardware and resources independently to take advantage of the capabilities of its component devices based on the user’s real-time needs.

Harmony OS for developers allows cross-platform development and cross-device deployment of apps, making the development of applications between devices easier than ever.

Huawei Watch Three Series

Huawei’s Brand-New Flagship Smart Watch The Huawei Watch Three Series redefines the fashion of your hands.

Featuring a curved glass screen and 316L stainless steel case, this stylish watch comes with a brand-new 3D rotating crown that can sense different levels of pressure and emit a haptic copy at the user’s input.

Provides action that makes the watch easy to wear and operate. The Huawei Watch 3 Series allows you to make and receive phone calls and listen to music using a data plan with the same phone number.

The Huawei Watch 3 Series runs on Harmony OS 2, which enables it to serve as a multi-functional travel assistant integrated with the Huawei smartphone.

The functionality flows directly from your smartphone into your hand, making all ride-hailing and flight information available at once.

On the way home from the airport, if you are taking public transit, both your watch and your phone will remind you that you are approaching your destination. You never have to worry about missing your stop again.

The Huawei Watch Three Series also serves as a professional fitness and fitness manager that supports more than 100 workout modes.

In addition to a wide range of healthcare support options, the watch can also monitor skin temperature with a new high-precision temperature sensor.

It also supports drop detection and SOS functions so users can monitor and manage their health in real time.

The Huawei Watch 3 Pro offers an ultra-long battery life feature that lasts up to five days in smart mode and 21 days in ultra-long battery life mode. The Huawei Watch 3, in turn, has three days in smart mode and 14 days in ultra-long battery life mode.

Huawei MetPad Pro

The new Huawei MetPad Pro has a beautiful 12.6-inch OLED FullView display with a 90 percent screen-to-body ratio, which is the highest of all tablets currently available in the market.

Each display comes with a color difference of less than 0.5 which presents a very high color accuracy, crisp, color-accurate picture like a professional monitor.

The Huawei Metapad Pro also has an ultra-high contrast ratio of 1,000,000: 1 and supports DCI (Fetch Color Gamut).

Equipped with the Kirin 9000 series chipset, the Huawei MetPad Pro performs at an incredible level. Supported by Harmony OS’s distributed data management and work schedule capabilities, the tablet can work seamlessly with smartphones and PCs to double your productivity and creative landscapes, whether you’re in the office or on a drawing board.

Huawei MetPad Pro supports multi-screen collaboration of PCs. The tablet can be a drawing board in mirror mode and a monitor in extended mode.

It supports cross-device file dragging and dropping, providing a more efficient and helpful multi-tool experience.

The Huawei MetPad Pro was unveiled along with the second-generation Huawei M Pencil. The new smart pen features a new platinum-coated nib for high-precision handwriting and ultra-low latency, accurately varying the 4,096 force.

Huawei M Pencil supports Luffy Script which converts handwriting in any input box to digital text in real time.

Additionally, double-taps for instantaneous interactions such as switching, instant size and instant table make handwriting input more seamless and natural.

Completely new interactive experience: easier to use and smarter than before

Multi-device interaction with Harmony OS simplifies the task with multiple devices. The new control panel supports simple and intuitive connections through the drag-and-integrate feature that allows users to connect devices freely based on specific scenarios.

For example, if you want to watch a movie at home late at night, all you have to do is open the control panel and drag the smart screen icon to your phone icon and the movie comes to the TV directly from your phone.

If you are wearing Huawei Freebuds 4, you can drag the earphone icon to the phone icon, the movie will play while the sound is coming through your freebuds. This is an example of a super tool experience.

Harmony OS 2’s new Task Center allows you to move between different devices at will, so that all tasks and services will be available anytime and anywhere. On any device that is part of the Super Tools system you will see other devices working.

If you want a larger display for mobile gaming, you can just swipe and hover to bring up the overview screen and enjoy moving games on the Huawei MedPad Pro.

The new Harmony OS home screen is more streamlined and organized than ever before. You can swipe the app to create a service widget that can display real-time, easy-to-access information or services without opening the app.

You can adjust the size of service widgets, display widget widgets by tapping and swiping up, and even hide them by tapping on an empty space on the home screen.

Service widgets can also be used to access atomic services that can be easily called and shared in the service center without having to download or install, making it easier and more convenient to perform tasks such as news aggregation.

In the case of the look-and-feel, the beauty of the innovative interaction lies in the aesthetic details: the specially designed Harmony OS Sans font and natural gravity animation provide the same user experience across all Harmony OS devices.

Huawei HighLink has been upgraded to Harmony OS Connect to equip more non-Huawei devices.

Smart Home devices can be connected to your mobile phone with a single tap: Tap your phone in the media oven that supports Harmony OS Connect, choose a recipe and prepare food instantly.

You can keep leftover food safe in the refrigerator for a long time as it adjusts the temperature depending on the type of food.

And get the right soymilk for your body from the Joyong Soymilk machine that recommends recipes based on the data in your health app. Working together, these connections can transform your kitchen into a personal health coach.

Massive display benefits for greater privacy and security

Harmony OS 2 runs faster than the last generation of EMUI. The Harmony OS 2 phone can read / write at the same speed as a new phone, even after 36 months of use, with little storage on the device.

Harmony OS 2 keeps apps open in the background so that your actions are always available from where you left off.

Dozens of other apps are open, but you can still go to the last action or page. For example, if you are looking for items in the shopping app then you open another app to send a message to your friend and then you start searching for something in the browser, now you can go back to the same last page without any interruption when you go back to the shopping app.

What’s more, you can enjoy longer battery life with Harmony OS 2 based devices. After upgrading to Harmony OS 2, you can play 5.1 hours of comfort on the Huawei Mate Forty Pro.

Huawei is committed to user privacy and security. Harmony OS features the privacy and security technologies of EMUI.

Our core design principle is to ensure that only the right person can access the right data with the right device, ensuring the security of every access to each device as well as the security of every act of storing, transmitting and using data in all scenarios.

When multi-device companion identity authentication is enabled, users can unlock the phone with the help of facial recognition and a special check, and special checks ensure the user’s watch and phone connection.

Additionally, Harmony OS manages user data by category and protects devices by level by setting specific security thresholds for super devices.

Only devices that meet the strictest security requirements can access data in accordance with their security level, ensuring that users can use multi-device support features with peace of mind.

Harmony OS applications go through rigorous testing to ensure a safe experience in development, release, installation and a clean ecosystem.

These days, we are surrounded by more and more smart devices and are now connected to everything in the world, said Richard Yu, executive director and CEO of Huawei Consumer Business Group.

We are all part of a fully connected world. We look forward to working with many partners and developers to build a growing Harmony OS ecosystem and provide better experiences, products and services to our customers around the world.

To give more consumers the opportunity to experience ease, seamlessness and security of Harmony OS in all scenarios, about 100 Huawei devices are set to receive Harmony OS 2 upgrades in China, including the Huawei Mate Forty Series, Mate Thirty Series, M Thirty Series, Mate Xtu, Nova There is an eight series mate pad procedure.

Users who want to use the new OS soon will be able to submit an application to the Huawei Club or My Huawei app or sign up for the Harmony OS Experience Officer program at any of Huawei’s 66 offline experience stores in China.


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