Nominations for ‘Mero Village Mero Mata’ video challenge announced


70 documentaries have been nominated in ten different categories for the ‘My village, my place’ video challenge 2023. 70 documentaries have been nominated out of a total of 258 submitted from all over the country.


We Will Rise Foundation has been organizing a nationwide documentary competition ‘My Village, My Place’ focusing on any important natural, cultural heritage, costumes, caste identity, food, art culture, etc., which are overshadowed by the tourism point of view.

The foundation called for documentaries to be sent from Falgun 12 last year to Baisakh 21 this year. The organizers will award West Video of the Year, Judges’ Choice Award, Story Concept/West Direction, Best Video Maker of the Year, Future Star of the Year, Most Potential Destination, Most Energetic Video Maker, West Script/Voice Over, West Cinematographer and Best Editor. Nominated in ten different categories. Seven videos have been nominated in each category.

The documentary selection team includes director Bhushan Dahal, actress Karishma Manandhar, Press Council Nepal President Balkrishna Basnet, director and cinematographer Sabnam Mukhia, Nepal Tourism Board Manager Archana KC Rana, Nepal Industry Confederation General Manager Deepakraj Joshi (former CEO of Tourism Board) and director of We Will Rise Foundation. Nirmal Shrestha is decisive.

Among the best videos, the best video of the year will receive five lakh rupees, the judges’ choice award will receive two lakh rupees and all other categories will receive a cash prize of one lakh rupees. The grand finale of the competition will be held in the evening of June 13th in the evening of We Will Rise Foundation and Nepal Television at the National Auditorium, Kathmandu.

The organizer said that the program will be broadcast live on Nepal Television. Nepal Tourism Board and Film Development Board are also supporting the program.


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