Partnership of UNDP and Ncell in Nepal for Sustainable Development

Partnership of UNDP and Ncell in Nepal for Sustainable Development

The United Nations Development Program (UNDP) and Ncell Axiata Limited have partnered to promote the cycle journey campaign for sustainable development and healthy living and clean cities in Nepal.

For this, UNDP Resident Representative Aishani Medagangoda Labe and Ncell Chief Executive Officer Andy Chong have signed a memorandum of understanding (virtually) on June 6.

The bicycle campaign will be promoted through ‘Greenway’ app. The campaign was launched in December 2077 with the objective of promoting sustainable urban transport and environment-friendly lifestyle for the urban dwellers.

Ncell has stated that the aim of the campaign is to confirm how cycling can be an alternative means of clean, healthy and convenient for the city dwellers.

Under the Memorandum of Understanding signed on the eve of World Environment Day 2021, UNDP and Ncell will work together to expand the cycle campaign to other interested cities outside the Kathmandu Valley as part of their Business Social Responsibility (CSR).

The campaign will use existing technology to regulate, map, trust and promote cycling for a healthy city.

“Through this MoU, UNDP and Ncell will work hand-in-hand with each other. Simply put, it will help keep life clean and safe and protect the earth, ‘said UNDP Resident Representative Aisani Meda Gangoda Lab. Believes in the effectiveness of public-private partnership on the issue.

Andy Chong, chief executive officer of Ncell, said the campaign was linked to its commitment to a sustainable society and its parent company Axiata’s ‘Net-Zero Carbon’ goal. He said that with the many benefits of cycling, there is a possibility of a change in the style of traveling in the city.

Shailendra Dangol, president of Cycle City Network Nepal (CCNN), said it was a game accessible to all and beneficial to all. He said that anyone can participate in it and enjoy the convenience of using a smartphone without voice.



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