Private School vs Charter School: What’s the Difference and Which Is Better?

Private School vs Charter School: What’s the Difference and Which Is Better?

Every parent wants the best for their children. As far as your child’s education goes, as a parent you want to make sure that your child is a student in a great school.

Choosing a school requires you to make a major decision. There are different types of schools, so the decision may not always be the easiest. Two types of schools that you should consider is a private school and a charter school.

If you are weighing up a private school vs charter school for your child’s education, what’s the difference and which is better? We explain the answers here.

Private School vs. Charter School

There are different factors to consider if you are thinking of sending your child to a private school. One of them is the size of the classroom.

If you are looking for a smaller environment for your child, a private school may be a good fit as this type of school tends to have fewer students in the classroom than charter schools. The number of students in the classroom can range from 10 to 15.

Charter schools are a new option. Charter schools are an innovative alternative to the traditional system of education. While still part of a public school system, charter schools semi-independent. These schools still need to meet the same student achievement benchmarks as public schools.

As charter schools are semi-independent, they can have a different curriculum. On the other hand, private schools are independent of the school districts in their respective area. With this independence, private schools have the autonomy to set their curricula and other criteria such as admissions requirements.

Charter schools are open to all children and don’t charge tuition. Private schools are not funded by the government (i.e., publicly funded) they can charge tuition and tend to be more selective in their admissions process, thus not all applicants are eligible.

Teachers who teach in private schools have more leeway than their counterparts who teach in charter schools. In many cases, private school teachers can have more input their curriculum. Private school teachers don’t necessarily have to be certified; however, the majority of states require teachers in charter school to have certification and also require them to meet standards set forth by the state.

Which One Is the Better Choice

A child’s education serves as a significant influence in the child’s life. If you have a choice as a parent, you need to make an informed decision.

If you are trying to decide between private school vs charter school, you have to assess the pros and cons of both types of schools. The differences between private schools and charter schools are significant.

If you ask which is better, it all comes to your educational values and preferences such as whether you want your child to be in a small classroom environment or if you can afford to pay for tuition.

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