Registration of indigenous vehicles will be facilitated

The government has taken an initiative to ease the legal complexity for the registration of passenger and passenger vehicles manufactured in Nepal.


Physical Infrastructure and Transport Minister Prakash Jwala said that steps will be taken to immediately solve the legal complications seen in the operation of vehicles produced in Nepal.

Minister Jwala today instructed the employees under the Ministry and the Rokarwala bodies to revise the procedures.

“Within two days, the problem of registration and operation of vehicles produced in Nepal will be solved”, he said, “We encourage domestically produced vehicles, but we are interested in their safety and affordable price.”

Registration and operation of vehicles produced in Nepal had been complicated for a long time. Minister Jwala mentioned that Nepali production will be encouraged and facilitated. To solve the legal complications immediately, the procedure guidelines of the Transport Management Department will be revised. Yatri and others have been producing electric motorcycles in Nepal.

Vehicles manufactured in Nepal have also been tested. But they could not be registered due to lack of notification letter. It has been arranged that registration can be done by taking a tax invoice instead of a notification letter. It is not estimated that vehicles are produced in Nepal in the transport system.

In the Act and Procedure made in 2054, provision is made only for vehicles purchased from abroad. Secretary of the Ministry Keshav Kumar Sharma expressed his belief that the necessary legal complications will be eased to facilitate the registration process in order to promote indigenous products including passengers. He emphasized that the vehicles of Nepali production should be accessible and safe for consumers at low cost.

Director General of Transport Management Department Narayan Prasad Bhattarai emphasized that the process of revising the procedures for passenger registration has been started immediately and that the company’s products should be safe, quality and consumer friendly.

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