Uninstall these 35 plus apps on your phone right away

Last month, various dangerous Android apps were removed from the Google Play Store. Like many of these apps, there was a backing Trojan that could steal users’ financial and other personal information. Although these apps have been removed now, these apps are still available in the Google Play Store from time to time.

Malware comes in different forms and is used by cybercriminals for various activities. Recently, a cybersecurity researcher called BitDefender has found more than 35 malicious apps in the Google Play Store. These apps have been found to spread adware.

Such apps make money for cybercriminals by displaying advertisements. If you have any of the following apps on your device recently, uninstall them immediately.

APMA Zippys Location Myapps, Personality Charging Show, Image Warp Camera, Animated Sticker Master, Zippys Location Finder, Walls Light – Wallpaper Pyak, Big Emoji – Keyboard 5.0 Apk Download, Grad Wallpapers – 3D Bikdrops, 3rdEngine WallPaper Wallpapers, Effect Manya Raheko Chhan.

Tyastai Aru Harmik Apma Art Filter – Dip PhotoEffect, Fast Emoji Keyboard APK, Create Sticker for WhatsApp 2.0 Apk, Myth Salbhar Apk – Kymera Helper, Photoxy Effect – Art Filter 2.0 Apk, LED Theme – Colorful Keyboard 2.0 Apk , Smart WiFi 1.0 APK, My Zippy’s Location 1.0 APK, Image Warp Camera 1.0 APK, HD Christmas Fantasy Girl Wallpapers and Cute Simulator 1.0 APK.

Yosangai 36 Ota Apma Raheka Aru App Madhya Smart QR Creator 1.0 Apk, Colorize Old Photo Asia, Zippys Location Finder 1.0 Apk, Girls Art Wallpaper 1.0 Apk, Smart QR Scanner 1.0 Apk, Zipys Location Maps 1. 0 apk download, volume control 1.0 apk, secret harscope 1.0 apk, smart gypsy location 1.0 apk, animated sticker master 1.0 apk, pica charging slow-charging animation, sleep sound 1.0 apk, qr creator 1.0 Epik, Media Volume Slider 1.0 Epik and Phi Four Key Palpaper – Anime HD 2.0 Apk Rahe.

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