Vianet Dashain Offer | Free Nokia Beacon 1.1 or Mi 4A Router

Vianet Dashain Offer

As the festive season is upon us, Nepali ISPs have come up with different offers to grab your business. And Vianet has also introduced its latest offer marking the upcoming Dashain festival. Throughout the campaign, Vianet Ultra-Fi Internet subscribers will be able to get either a Nokia Beacon 1.1 mesh router or a Xiaomi Mi 4A Dual Band router free of cost.

Vianet Dashain Offer 2022 Overview:

Under this, Vianet is offering its 200Mbps internet for Rs. 999 per month on a yearly subscription. The subscription includes a Dual Band ONU device alongside an additional router. As mentioned earlier, customers can choose between a Nokia Beacon 1.1 mesh router or a Mi 4A Dual Band router.

However, you will need to pay as much as Rs. 4,000 as a deposit for the mesh router or Rs. 1,500 for the Mi router. This campaign aims to increase Wi-Fi coverage throughout Vianet users’ homes.

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Additionally, users can also get ViaTV for just Rs. 150 per month if they opt for a yearly subscription. While the primary focus of Vianet’s Ultra-Fi package is on the 200Mbps connection, the package is available with speeds up to 300Mbps.

Ultra-Fi L 200Ultra-Fi L 200 TV +Ultra-Fi L 250 2TV +Ultra-Fi L 300 3TV+
ViaTV1 TV2 TVs3 TVs
1 MonthRs. 1,400Rs. 1,550Rs. 1,900
3 MonthsRs. 3,300Rs. 4,050Rs. 4,500Rs. 5,550
12 MonthsRs. 11,988Rs. 13,788Rs. 15,000Rs. 18,000

Note: The prices listed above are subject to 13% VAT.

Optional Router Charge

(yearly subscription)Ultra-Fi L 200Ultra-Fi L 200 TV +Ultra-Fi L 250 2TV +Ultra-Fi L 300 3TV+
Nokia Beacon 1.1 Mesh Router Free
Router DepositRs. 4,000Rs. 3,000Rs. 2,500
Mi 4A RouterFree
Router DepositRs. 1,500

Note: The prices listed above are subject to 13% VAT.

One Time Charge

For Internet1 Month3 Months12 Months
Installation ChargeRs. 1,000Free
Ultra-Fi Dual Band WiFi DeviceRs. 1,000Rs. 500
ONU Device DepositRs. 500
For ViaTV1 Month3 Months12 Months
STB Activation (Primary)Rs. 3,000Free
STB DepositRs. 500
Secondary STB ActivationRs. 2,000
STB DepositRs. 500

Note: STB means Set-Top Box

Vianet Dashain Offer 2022: Duration & Eligibility

The Vianet Dashain offer 2022 is available for both existing and new customers. To make the most out of it, you’ll need to subscribe to the yearly package. Vianet says this campaign will be valid only for a limited time—or as long as their routers’ stock lasts.

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