You will get a bonus of Rs. 200 when you receive money in your pocket from WorldRemit

You will get a bonus of Rs. 200 when you receive money in your pocket from WorldRemit

Receiving a remittance in a digital wallet pocket from WorldRemit will get a bonus of Rs 200. The person who receives the money sent under the facility from his pocket will immediately get a bonus of Rs 200.

This collaboration with WorldRemit has made it possible for people from more than 70 countries to get as much money as they want in the pocket account of a person in Nepal around the clock. The recipient should have created a pocket ID and verified the KYC.

After sending money to the pocket, the money and bonus will be automatically loaded in both the pockets without doing anything. Its details can be easily seen by going to the transaction section of the pocket app.

Saurabh Raj Pandey, Head, Remittance Department, Khalti, said that the collaboration with WorldRemit would help them to send, receive money and make online payments to businesses from anywhere in the world in a simple and hassle-free manner.

He said, “We believe that this medium is the choice of many as it is a reliable, cheap and fast service.”

Rujan Ahmed, WorldRate’s Country Director for South Asia, said the agreement with Khalti now makes it easier for customers to send money to their families and relatives.

“We are excited to partner with Nepal’s emerging digital wallet pocket, which promotes economic inclusion by providing access to financial services to all communities,” he said. “We are confident that this service will make it much easier to receive remittances to Nepal through pocket.”

To send money from WorldRemit to your pocket, you can log in to the WorldRemit app, tap on Send Money, enter the total amount you want to send to your destination in Nepal, and finally send the full details of the person who can select the pocket mobile wallet within Mobile Money Transfer.


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