Doohan E-Swan Price in Nepal: Electric Scooter, Specs, Features

Doohan E-Swan is coming.

Doohan E-Swan

Kaliber Auto, the authorized distributor of Doohan e-Scooters in Nepal, is prepping up to introduce four Doohan e-Scooter models: Doohan E-Swan, Doohan iTango, Doohan Uranus, and Doohan iTank.

Unlike its tri-wheel electric scooter, Doohan E-Swan is more normal. It features a familiar design while sporting the same level of performance and range.

Both Doohan E-Swan and Doohan Uranus take design inspiration from Vespa scooters.

With that little intro out of the way, let’s talk about Doohan E-Swan in Nepal.

Doohan ESwan Specifications

  • Motor: 3000W Brushless Motor
  • Battery: 72V26AH
  • Peak Torque: n/a
  • Battery Type: Lithium-Ion
  • Range: 45Km in Single Battery (90Km in Double Battery)
  • Top Speed: 45Kmph (70Kmph with Double Battery)
  • Charging Time: 2.5 hours – 5 hours (Quick Charging Support)
  • Tyres: 12-inch – Disc
  • Tubeless Tyres: Yes
  • Braking Type: e-ABS
  • Max Loading Weight: 150Kg
  • Colors: White, Black, Red, and Blue

Doohan E-Swan Price in Nepal: TBA

Doohan E-Swan Overview


As stated before, Doohan E-Swan takes inspiration from Vespa scooters. It even sports the same circular headlamp, same curvy design, and same retro feel.

The overall placement of components is weirdly similar, even the switch design is the same. However, the finishing is slightly toned down to reduce costs.

Doohan E-Swan BlueDoohan E-Swan Blue

The design is curved, leaning more on retro-feel. There is a fair bit of chrome-finishing around the body.

Even the rear portion is stylish with its circular LED taillamp and uniquely placed indicators.

Doohan E-Swan DesignDoohan E-Swan Design

Furthermore, it gets a large chromed garb bar that completes the entire package.

Doohan E-Swan will be available in four different colors: White, Black, Red, and Blue.

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Doohan E-Swan is powered by a 3kW DC Brushless Motor. The onboard battery is 72V26Ah with an average charge time of 2.5 hours.Doohan E-Swan Grey

Doohan E-Swan GreyCombing both motor and the battery, it can achieve a top speed of 45Kmph (Single-Battery) and 70Kmph (Double-Battery). Similarly, it gets a range of 50Km (Single-Battery) and 90Km (Double-Battery)

The scooter supports a double-battery configuration. Furthermore, the battery comes with an Intelligent Battery Protection System. So, the battery supports Quick Charge while it is protected against over-discharge, short-circuit, temperature, overcurrent, etc.

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We will list out detailed features after its official launch in Nepal. Until then, here is a quick highlight.

Doohan E-Swan Feature Highlights

  • Retro-Scooter Design
  • Punchy 3000W Brushless Motor
  • Large 72V26AH Battery
  • Analog Instrument Cluster with LCD Display
  • LED Lighting Setup
  • Alloy Wheels
  • Double Battery Capability
  • Intelligent Battery Management System

Doohan E-Swan Price in Nepal and Availability

Doohan E-Swan price in Nepal is still unknown. Taking battery and performance figures into consideration, it will be a premium offering.

Doohan E-Swan will be available in two different variants: Single-Battery and Double-Battery.

Comparing both E-Swan and Uranus, E-Swan will be relatively more affordable than Uranus. But we will know for sure only after its official launch.

As for the availability, Doohan E-Swan will arrive in Nepal in May 2021.

Doohan E-Swan will compete against the Pure EV ePluto 7G for its design.

These are the details we know so far, we will be sure to update in the future.

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