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What is NepaliSat-1? Know about made in Nepal nano-satellite

NepaliSat-1 (BIRDS-3) Information and Data. Nepal’s made in Nepal nano-satellite named NepaliSat-1 is launched from Vergina, USA and live coverage was also there from NASA. Top view of NepaliSat-1 displayed in a lab in Japan. Photo courtesy: NASTNepaliSat-1 (BIRDS-3) – Know about NepaliSat-1 nanosatellite in Details. Its official name is NepaliSat-1 (BIRDS-3) and is a CubeSat of type… Read More »

The first Black Hole image confirms Einstein’s theory of relativity is accurate.

There are two sorts of black holes. Black holes themselves are considered to spin. Photographing a black hole is no simple feat. You don’t need to be too near a black hole.  To a point, black holes are simple objects. They are some of the weirdest celestial objects. The first image of the black hole that was captured… Read More »

Startups in Nepal ft. Order Food Online

Mari-o and Man-du! Foodmario is a female* food and Foodmandu is a male food. Mama Mia! I’m a joking. Haha! Hamle pani JokeMario! Which one are you Technocrats or a Social Media Guy? Open mapping data is one sort of open data, which might help the private sector enhance their efficiency and build social and financial value. However, there are… Read More »