How to legally download offline movies?

Now many of us have started watching new movies and TV shows through streaming services. But since streaming requires internet, this may not be possible all the time. Especially when traveling somewhere, it becomes impossible to watch shows by connecting to the Internet.


For this reason, today we are informing you that you can legally download movies from apps without internet connection. These streaming services can be used for this.


YouTube is also an app that you can easily download and watch offline videos and shows. When there is no internet or if you go to a place where there is no good network, you can watch various entertaining shows on YouTube.

Many people like YouTube because this video sharing platform has a wide variety of content, but one of its drawbacks is that not all videos and shows can be downloaded offline.

The video can be downloaded only if the video uploader gives the setting to download the video, otherwise the video will not be downloaded. Despite saying this, most old movies are still available for download on YouTube, so you can legally download videos from YouTube and watch them offline.


If you like Asian movies and dramas then HighTV will be the best app for you to watch free movies and dramas.

Thousands of ad-free shows can be downloaded in this app. Movies of various genres can be downloaded and watched online for free and offline on your device. The app also has a separate section called Movies, which makes it easier to download movies.


Users can download some new and enlightening things on TED and watch them while roaming. Videos can be downloaded for later viewing on the laptop by going to the TED app. TED has kept 2000 contents for download and subtitles in other languages ​​are also available.

You have to click on the red button to transfer the file to your device. If it is difficult to decide which show to download, you can also go to Ted’s famous list.

It makes it easier to download movies that you might like. Since this app is free, it is easy for users to use this app.


You have to pay to use Netflix. Users can download and watch movies from daily subscription. While downloading, it doesn’t matter how many screens are being viewed at once.

You can easily download movies and watch them offline by going to the Netflix iOS and Android versions and looking for the download icon.

Even in this app, no movies are available for download, but this feature is available for many movies.

If you are downloading on a PC, it should be a desktop app instead of a browser. Since there is no Netflix app on Mac or Linux, it is not possible to download and watch the app through Netflix on these devices.

Movies can be easily searched on Netflix by genre or keyword. The transfer speed in Netflix is ​​also good, so if your internet speed is good, you can download the entire movie in a few minutes.

amazon prime

Movies can be easily downloaded from Amazon Prime for offline viewing. After going to an episode and pressing for some time, the movie can be downloaded from the pop up menu. But you have to pay for Amazon Prime too.

To view the downloaded movie, click on the My Stuff option. Amazon Prime has all kinds of movies from the old to the latest releases and it also has the option of many children’s movies.

google tv

Various TV shows and movies can also be downloaded from the Google TV app. In this app, you can download the purchased content on about five devices.

Due to its user-friendly layout, it becomes easier to find any content. This is how Amazon Prime works.

It also has a snapshot of user ratings, due to which it is easy to choose which movie is good. Since content can be downloaded on multiple devices at once, it is easy to download and watch on different devices while traveling with family and children.

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