MDMS will come into effect from May 1 to regulate the use and import of mobile sets

The Mobile Device Management System (MDMS) will be implemented from May 1 to manage the use and import of mobile sets in Nepal.


Nepal Telecommunication Authority issued a notification on Saturday and informed that MDMS will be implemented from May 1st.

According to the authority, it has been arranged that mobile sets brought from abroad for personal purposes and passed the inspection at the customs office will be automatically registered in the MDMS system.

According to the ‘Private Use Goods Order 2077’ of the Government of Nepal, mobile sets brought from abroad for personal purposes can be registered by the concerned person by entering the passport/citizenship or the page of the passport showing the Departure Stamp and Arrival Stamp or the boarding pass documents into the system.

When purchasing a mobile phone within Nepal, the authority has requested that the mobile set be purchased only if it is registered/not registered in the Nepal Telecommunication Authority’s MDMS system (

In addition, the authority has also directed that the mobile importers/sellers must take the prior approval of the authority before importing mobiles and sell and distribute only mobiles that are registered with the authority.

Although it was said to be implemented many times before, MDMS could not be fully implemented due to various reasons. MDMS is about to be implemented after the government has arranged for Nepalese returning from foreign employment to bring two mobile phones.

Earlier, there was only one mobile that could be brought after completing the customs process. Nepali citizens who have been working abroad for at least six consecutive months after receiving labor approval will be allowed to bring one more new cellular mobile phone with them.

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