Send Taxi Second Anniversary, Taxi can be booked for free today

Send Taxi Second Anniversary, Taxi can be booked for free today

Today, Monday, the second anniversary of Pathao Car Light (Taxi), Pathao Nepal has brought an offer to book a taxi for free.

Asimman Singh Basnyat, Regional Director of Pathao Nepal, informed that all the service recipients who book a car light (taxi) through Pathao’s mobile app will be able to take a free taxi within the period from 2 pm to 2 pm.

Recently, the number of users of Pathao Taxi has increased in Kathmandu using the technology and the number of taxis joining Pathao has also increased.

According to Basnyat, 8,500 car lights (taxis) are included in Pathao Nepal and currently 2,500 people are actively providing services daily.

According to Basnyat, the captain will be required to wear a mask and the taxi will be sanitized. Since the fare can be seen in the Send app itself, you don’t even have to bargain, so Send Taxi is easy.

The taxi also has a plastic shield between the captain and the passenger, keeping in mind the health safety concerns of the consumers during the Corona disaster.

Due to the service from gate to gate, the popular Pathao taxi has become a better option to reach the destination during the rainy season. According to Basnyat, the popularity of Pathao taxi has increased during the monsoon season as there is no need to go to the chowk to look for a taxi.

Pathao Nepal, which started bike ride sharing service in Nepal in September 2018, has started car light (taxi) service from August 2019. In September 2020, Pathao started home delivery service of hotel and restaurant meals and food items.

Recently, Pathao Nepal has also started ‘Pathao Bazaar’ by delivering groceries. Home delivery within 45 minutes of ordering, which has been started since June 12, is being tested.


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