Which zoom to use, Mitt or Tims?

Which zoom to use, Mitt or Tims?

The use of video conferencing is increasing day by day due to Covid 19 i.e. corona virus. Software such as Zoom, Google Meet and Microsoft Teams are popular for video conferencing.

Additions continue. People are also doing office work from home with the help of this software. Educational institutions are also teaching students from home with the help of these softwares.

We present here the features and features of the popular software for video conferencing, Zoom, Google Meet and Microsoft Teams.


Software zoom that suddenly came into the spotlight after the Corona virus spread around the world. Zoom can be used from mobile and computer.

Zoom’s virtual background can also be customized. Up to 100 people can participate in the free version of Zoom. The free version only allows you to chat for a limited time. There are between 300 and 1,000 participants in the paid version of Zoom.

Zoom integrates software including Microsoft Office, Outlook, Gmail and iCall. Some time ago, there were many questions about the security of Zoom, but now Zoom has made some improvements in its security system. The zoom has meeting encrypted, password protection and waiting room for security.

mit (google)

Google Meet is a tool developed by the world famous technology company Google. Google Meet can be used on mobile and computer.

Google has recently made its software, Google Meet, available to everyone for free, following the rise of video conferencing in the world due to the Corona virus.

Google Meet can also be used from Gmail account. Up to 100 people can participate in Google Meet. It also has screen sharing and recording facilities.

It also integrates Google’s Docs, Drive, Notes and Sits apps. For security reasons, Google Meet also features encrypted meetings and complex meeting IDs.

Tims (Microsoft)

Microsoft Teams is also made by the world famous technology company Microsoft. It integrates 365 Office and Microsoft tools.

In addition to chatting and video calling, users can save documents in real time in the cloud with OneDrive and SharePoint.

Microsoft Teams is also available in both free and paid media. Also available on Android, iOS and Windows. In Tims, users can sign up from their email address.

Teams have the facility to collaborate for unlimited chat, video and audio calls, file and screen sharing and office documents. It has multi-factor authentication facility for security. Up to 250 people can participate in it.

Various other apps have also been integrated into Microsoft Teams. The free version will have 10 GB for file storage and 2 GB for personal file storage. Microsoft Teams also has a virtual background feature.


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