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Free Paypal Dakshina (Money) by RS Softwares Pvt. Ltd. in this Vijaya Dashami

Yes, you heard right you can get free Paypal balance Dakshina on this Vijaya Dashami Festival. RS Softwares Private Limited, Kathmandu based  Software and IT company working with the modern Web, IT and Data technology is running this scheme to increase the Digital Wallet presence in Nepal. This campaign will help to promote the increase of […]

Hashtag #VisitNepal2020 Free Promotions

If you are running a business organization or any travel agencies and promoting Travel and Tourism in Nepal, then you can now do free advertise during ongoing RabinsXP free promotions. This is valid only contents related to #VisitNepal2020. Where to submit articles? Just email your articles to [email protected] We will check and if it meets […]

Visit Nepal 2020 (In-Depth Analysis of Tourism Year 2020)

‘Visit Nepal 2020‘ is the tourism year that Nepal would observe in the year 2020 as declared by the Government of Nepal. Now let’s analysis why the year 2020 was declared as a tourism year and what will be the impacts on the country. Also, here at RabinsXP, we will try to know about Nepal […]

Celebrate Buddha Jayanti 2074 // Buddha’s Birthday 2017

I wish you every good soul a very Happy Buddha Jayanti also known as Buddha Purnima. It’s a great day for us Nepalese. It’s our pride that such a great person was born in our country Nepal at Lumbini. Every day I wish Buddha teachings to be shared with millions of people out there as I […]

Nepalese New Year 2074 | Greetings Cards

Happy New Year to all of the RabinsXP Readers. Here comes the collection of Nepalese New Year Greeting Cards for 2074 BS. HAPPY NEW YEAR 2074 AND ALSO A VERY WONDERFUL DAYS AHEAD.

What Nepalese do in New Year? | Happy New Year 2075 BS

The first day of ‘Baisakh‘ is known as the ‘New Year in Nepal’ according to the official Nepali calendar. The ‘New Year’ is known as “Naya Barsa” in the Nepali language.  Baisakh 1st is known as the Naya Barsa according to Nepalese Patro, Nepali name for the calendar. The Nepali calendar follows the Bikram Sambat […]

International Women’s Day 2017 | From Nepalese Eye

Even in America, the women’s freedom movent was only started in 1969. Briton womens got voting rights from 1920 onwards only. It hasn’t been only few years that women’s in Arab got voting rights. But in Nepal, women’s are already in the governmental posts like President, Speakers and Supreme Judge. Nepali religion itself has respected […]

Rabins Wins “Capture The Flag”, An Ethical Hacking Contest under ICA (Indian Cyber Army)

Rabins, the founder of RabinsXP wins the Ethical hacking competition held by RevEngg at CMRIT. Rabins Sharma Lamichhane shared his winning certificate stating the following message on his Facebook. Hurray! Won the competition “Catch the Flag” contest conducted by RevEngg at CMR Institute of Technology on 24th and 25th February 2017 under the ICA (Indian […]

“Around the World” – Global Culture Awareness Program @ CMRIT, Bangalore

The Information Science & Engineering department of CMR Institute of Technology (CMRIT ISE) had organized a unique event named “Around the World” to raise awareness regarding “Global Culture” among students. It was a fun and educational event with a lot of interaction between students with different cultural backgrounds. IS department had invited experts from industry […]