ZTE Nubia Neovision AR Glass Price in Nepal: Specs, Availability

ZTE Nubia Neovision AR Glass Price in Nepal

ZTE has unveiled its first AR (Augmented Reality) glass under the Nubia branding at MWC 2023, alongside the Nubia Pad 3D tablet. The Nubia Neovision glass comes with some impressive features like a Micro-OLED screen, myopic correction, and more. Let’s get into the specs, features, and expected price of ZTE Nubia Neovison AR glass in Nepal.

ZTE Nubia Neovision AR Glass Overview:

The first AI glass from ZTE is built on a Smart Choice model of TQSKY, an XR startup based in China. For a quick note, XR stands for Extended Reality which includes Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, and Mixed Reality. It provides an immersive human-to-PC screen interface with a mix of the aforementioned technologies.

Micro OLED Screen

But the Neovision is an AR (Augmented Reality) Glass with a micro OLED screen and a PPI of 3500. You can project the images directly from your phone onto a virtual 120-inch screen in 1920×1080 resolution. It is compatible with tablets, laptops, game consoles (XBOX, PS5, Switch), and drones, says ZTE. The display has 1800 nits of brightness and offers a field of view of 43 degrees.

ZTE Nubia Neovision AR Glass

Moreover, the display screen is integrated through multi-layer lenses which will allow users to view content without obstructing their line of sight. And the eyewear is also TÜVRheinland certified for Flicker Free & Low Blue Light technology. You can turn this into a personal mobile theatre, mobile gaming center, or office space, as per ZTE.

Hi-Res Audio Certified Speakers

Moving along, the AR glass from Nubia equips dual omnidirectional speakers. It’s Hi-Res Audio-certified and comes infused with a cyclonic sound tank for reducing mechanical reverberation. Likewise, the speaker boasts a sampling rate of more than 44.1kHz and a bit depth of more than 16 bits. ZTE claims an immersive experience with lossless audio quality here.


The eyewear is pretty lightweight at 79g. What’s more interesting is that it also supports myopic correction from 0-500 degrees. Hence, users with nearsightedness can adjust the screen as per their lens power.

ZTE Nubia Neovision AR Glass Price in Nepal

As of now, ZTE is yet to reveal the price of the Neovision AR glass. We’ll update the article as and when the details go official.

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