Drawing Cars As a Way to Create Great Gifts

It is easy to draw car portraits that people will beg to get. Once you learn to draw car art, you will be asked all the time to create automotive art as gifts. Most people love their cars, and a custom drawing of that car will be very well received as a gift.

Drawing portraits of cars is an easy hobby to begin, but it can give hours of fun to the person that loves cars. Start with a car that you like, then move on to others’ cars. There are many online resources that show how to draw cars, a Google search will reveal several sites.

Racing and sports cars are my favorite types of cars to draw, they are easier than most family cars, having fewer trim items like chrome strips and add on items, like hubcaps, and the like. The fewer things to draw, the less chance to get it wrong.

Even if racing cars are less complicated to draw, they bring back memories of the last time someone saw a similar car racing. There are several sites that feature drawings of old race cars online. The older cars have become so expensive that it is unusual to see them unless you are at a special show. You can have a collection of the most expensive cars in he World, and you will not even have to insure them, you just have to render them, which is easy.

Several of the sites let amateur artists post their drawings for free, just for registering. At least one free site has more than two thousand contributing artists. Most of these sites allow, or even encourage comments on the drawings that artists post. This is a good way to get feedback on your drawings. Having more experienced artists tell you what you have done well, and what still needs work, is a quick way to improve your level of expertise.

Sometimes other people see things differently, and others might have drawn a car that you wanted to draw. You do not want to copy a drawing that someone else did, of course, but you can pick a different angle as the basis of your drawing.

Join a couple of these free sites, you will not believe how much fun it is to see your automotive art on the internet!

Rabins Sharma Lamichhane

Rabins Sharma Lamichhane is the owner of RabinsXP who is constantly working for increasing the Internet of Things (IoT) in Nepal. He also builds android apps and crafts beautiful websites. He is also working with various social services. The main aim of Lamichhane is to digitally empower the citizens of Nepal and make the world spiritually sound better both in terms of technology and personal development. Rabins is also the first initiator of Digital Nepal.

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