Alakart system is implemented in Nepal from today

Alakart system has been implemented in Nepal from today. With the implementation of Alakart system, now you can watch only the foreign channels you want to watch by paying a fee.


On Friday, the Department of Information and Broadcasting had warned foreign channels that they would shut down all foreign channels from Monday after they did not disclose the channel’s book and rate for the Alakart system.

After that, the Indian channels pressed not to implement the Alakart system. But after the government took the stance of abandoning the plan, the Indian broadcasters, who were initially pressured to change the decision, finally submitted their books and rates by the night of mid-June.

The government has set a minimum fee of Rs 250 and a maximum fee of Rs 500 for TV channel packages.

Under the minimum fee, the broadcasting organization should show Nepali television channels and foreign free-to-air television channels to the consumers, and such television channels should contain informational, news, educational, entertaining, sports, etc.

For free-to-air channels, the consumer can be charged separately or on the basis of the package of channels and the maximum price of each package cannot exceed 40 rupees (including tax). According to the new fee, the television service provider will also modify the channel package.

Monthly maximum for free TV channels is Rs. According to the ministry, no more than 250/- (including tax) can be taken from consumers and free television channels should contain informational, news, educational, entertaining sports, etc.

Consumers can decide for themselves whether to choose free-to-air television channels or not, and the broadcasting organization must follow that decision.

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