Arsen Tomsky’s book ‘inDriver: From Siberia to Silicon Valley’ now in Nepali language

Arsen Tomsky, the founder and CEO of the global ride sharing company InDrive, has released his book ‘inDriver: From Siberia to Silicon Valley’ in Nepali language.

The book ‘inDriver: From Siberia to Silicon Valley’ translated into Nepali language was released on Tuesday.

After English, Spanish, Portuguese language, the book is also available in Nepali language. Speaking at the launch event, InDrive founder Arsen Tomsky said that he is happy to share the experience of InDrive with readers.

‘inDrive is not a business trip for me but also a personal and emotional trip,’ he said, ‘inDrive has given a new shape to my life. I am happy to share the experience of the same work.’

The book contains Arsene’s life story. The book tells the story of how a man born in a village in Siberia built a global ride-hailing platform.

Headquartered in California, USA, InDrive has spread to more than 40 countries and has been downloaded more than 175 million times.

inDrive service is also available in Nepal. Lately, inDrive is also known as a popular ride sharing platform in Nepal.

Rabins Sharma Lamichhane

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