Husband arrested for posting nude photos/videos of his wife online after relationship broke down

Kathmandu. A husband who posted nude photos/videos of his wife online after the relationship broke down has been arrested. Among those arrested is a 24-year-old man who hails from Makwanpur and currently lives in Kathmandu.

According to the Cyber ​​Bureau, the man used to communicate with his wife, who was employed abroad, on the social network WhatsApp. During that time, pictures/videos showing private parts were also exchanged between husband and wife.

After the relationship broke down between them, the husband started posting the same photos/videos in the story by creating a fake account on social media. Not only that, he also sent it to the social networks used by his wife's friends.

The sister of the victim had lodged a complaint with the Cyber ​​Bureau saying that someone was doing character assassination online. During the investigation and technical analysis on the complaint, the spokesperson of the Bureau and Superintendent of Police Deepak Raj Awasthi informed that the victim's husband was involved in the act.

He said that the person who was arrested on Thursday is being investigated by the Kathmandu District Court for an offense under the Electronic Transactions Act, 2063 with an extension of five days.

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