Nepal Internet Foundation celebrates ‘Selfie with Daughter’ day

Nepal Internet Foundation (NIF) has also celebrated ‘Selfie with Daughter’ day in Nepal. NIF president Bikram Shrestha, Kalpana Shrestha, coordinator of Selfie with Daughter Nepal, special guests, female students were present in the program.


Selfie with daughter campaign started in India was also started in Nepal 3 years ago on this day. Selfie with daughter day is also celebrated in India.

Haryana Chief Minister Manohar Lal was present as the chief guest in a virtual event organized by Vishwakarma Skill University. Apart from this, Sanil Jaglan, the initiator of the Selfie with Daughter campaign, was also present.

Apart from this, more than 90 individuals and organizations from Nepal also participated. Haryana Chief Minister Manohar Lal, the chief guest of the program, emphasized that daughters should be treated like sons. He said that girls with disabilities should also be given equal opportunities to succeed in society.

Addressing the program, Vikram Shrestha emphasized the value of gender equality and urged the girls to follow their aspirations and fight for fair treatment for all people.

Similarly, Sunil Jaglan insisted on including disabled daughters and asked the participants to take a selfie with them to show their love and support.

Selfie with the daughter award 2023 was given to Ridham Sharma at the event. A message video of ‘Beti Bachau and Beti Padhau’ campaign was also presented in the program.

Professor Dinesh Kumar of HVC Gurugram University, Professor Sujata Shahi of HVC IILM, MD Arvind Kaul of East West Automation Technology, MD Mohit Oswal of Roop Automotive, HR Head Dharmarakshit of Hero MotoCorp, Dr. CK Gariyali, retired IAS and Amba Watal emphasized the importance of collective efforts to create a better future for girls.

On the occasion of the third anniversary of ‘Selfie with Daughter’ Day, Nepal Internet Foundation has always emphasized on gender equality and empowerment of all girls with disabilities in particular. Selfie with daughter campaign has also been successful in Nepal. Only the videos posted on Tik Tok under the hashtag Selfie with Daughter have received more than 18 million views.

The foundation also said that it is always ready to create equal rights and opportunities for the daughter to succeed and move forward.

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