Helping in crime investigation, police mobile app, facility from report to complaint

The Nepal Police’s mobile app is becoming helpful in crime investigations. Information received from the app, which has been in operation since October 2076, has made research more accessible.

According to the police, the Nepal Police Mobile App has helped investigate crimes by receiving evidentiary information such as audio, photos and videos.

Using the app, ordinary citizens can provide information, including location, to the police, whether they are victims or witnesses of an incident. This allows the police to reach the place quickly and easily, which helps improve the police service.

According to the police, the mobile app will help the Nepal Police to report the incident quickly. According to the Nepal Police, there is a provision that when the workforce is low, ordinary citizens can use the mobile app to report information related to the police based on GPS with photo, video, audio and text information.

According to Deputy Inspector General of Police Bhim Prasad Dhakal, the Nepal Police launched a pilot project app to develop the institution into a technology-friendly service.

“Currently, in all 77 districts, based on the complaints and information received through the police app, arrangements have been made to mobilize the police immediately from the nearest police station,” he said. In addition to taking immediate control, the app has been playing a supportive role in maintaining overall peace and security.

What are the features of the app?

Mobile apps, Android and iOS are Available. Under the internal purpose of Nepal Police, there are features like an intranet portal (, PMIS profile, Geo-Attendance, Police Calendar, GPS Tracker, and Patrolling through this system.

Apart from this, the app has various features for ordinary citizens, among which everyday citizens can report incidents from the reported incident if they need help from the police. An emergency number can be obtained from the emergency number option.

Traffic FM can be heard from FM stations. Departmental and other news about the Nepal Police can be read in the news. Information about all information related to Nepal Police can be obtained from the notice. From the Police Station Nearby, you can find the nearest police offices and their phone numbers.

You can use e-complaint to file complaints related to police and services. Report immediately through Public Eye. The police clearance report can provide information about the police character certificate.

After enabling the feature, suppose you need police assistance in panic mode. In that case, the Nepal Police will receive information on the dashboard with the person’s contact number and location and help mobilize the police in the relevant area.

So far, 55 thousand 228 familiar people use the app, and 52 thousand 970 police personnel use the app. 9 thousand 384 incidents have been reported through this app.

The Information Technology Directorate of the Nepal Police Headquarters developed and managed this app. Director General of Police Saroj Shakya said citizens should use it to keep themselves safe and help the police.

“Currently, work is being done to modify the app by adding some features,” he said.

The mobile app has various features that make it easy for Nepal Police employees and ordinary citizens. There is a system to immediately exchange information with the police’s location through the app in case of being a victim or an eyewitness to an incident.

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