NIC Asia Bank customers can now take loans up to Rs 2 lakh online

NIC Asia Bank has introduced another scheme called term account based online loan.


Under this scheme, customers who have fixed deposits in the bank can apply through the bank’s mobile banking (Mobank) app or website ( up to 90 percent of the deposit or a maximum of Rs. They can get loans up to 2 lakhs immediately.

According to the bank, the eligible customers can use the ‘Apply for Loan Against FD’ option available on the mobile banking app or website, which is promoting digital banking with the long-term goal of becoming the ‘Digital First Bank’.

After choosing that option, the system will immediately get information about the account details and the amount available in the account during the application period, and after that the customers fill in the details of the loan amount they want and pay Rs. After filling the necessary details for loans up to 2 lakhs, the OTP code will be received.

Now, after entering the OTP code and clicking on the terms and conditions, the loan amount will be credited to the customer’s account immediately.

Also, through this scheme Rs. In case of loans above 2 lakhs, the customers can fill the digital form and go to the branch office of this bank and complete the necessary process to get the loan.

In this way, there is a rule that customers who get term account loans must pay interest by the end of every quarter, while the principal must be paid one year after taking the loan or the day before the maturity date of the term account.

Minimum Rs. 5,000 loan limit available in this plan, the customer can get information about the maximum loan limit, interest rate, processing fee, loan payment facility, rescheduling, terms and conditions during the process of taking the loan.

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