Now Indrive will take 10 percent commission from the rider

Kathmandu. Ride hailing platform Indrive will take ten percent commission from the rider. Rita Pokharel, the director of the company for Nepal, told a program in Kathmandu today that they will take ten percent commission per ride.

Earlier, Indrive was providing services in Nepal unofficially without registration. Since the company was not registered, Indrive did not pay taxes to the government. Therefore, free service was being provided to the rider. In other words, the amount of income that the rider used to earn by using that platform would be the rider's. Now 10 percent amount has to be paid to the company as commission.

Just a short while ago, InDrive has also received a PAN number after being registered in Nepal. As soon as the company is registered, it is about to start taking commission from Radir.

Officially registered in Nepal, InDrive has made digital wallet IME Pay its topup and payment partner to collect commission from riders. It can be seen that the option of indrive top-up has been included in IME Pay Wallet.

Similarly, there is a wallet option in InDrive's Rider app, where you can see the option to top up only through IME Pay. A separate unique code has also been given to the in-drive rider. The amount can also be loaded from another IME Pay user through that code.

Apart from that, if the rider wants to load himself, he can directly go to the IME Payo option and load the amount. For this, the KYC of IME Pay should be verified. After the company sent a notification to the rider to top up the wallet through WhatsApp and app notification, now the rider has started using the IME Pay app.

Last Updated: Baisakh 24, 2081 13:33


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