Online fraud and sexual abuse are increasing with illegal mobile phones

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19-year-old Shubham Sah of Rautahat was arrested on 17th January 2079 on the charge of fraud in the name of an employee of ESeva.

Shubham, a resident of Rautahat’s Madhav Narayan Municipality Ward No-2, calls an unknown number and says – ‘I am the manager of ESeva, I will link your ID with the bank.’ According to the police officials of the Valley Crime Investigation Office, he is the mastermind of fraud.

It was discovered that Sah stole the mobile phone of his girlfriend’s brother as well. According to the police officers involved in the investigation, the lover shared with him that the mobile phone was lost. He said that he can trace that mobile phone and will find it in a few days but not to tell the police.

By then, he started phishing with the numbers and photos on that mobile phone. He started cheating by calling the number found on his girlfriend’s mobile saying ‘I will link you to the bank through e-service’. After gaining unauthorized access to eSewa, Sah started paying the shopping money in the victim’s name and sending the loan amount from the victim’s account.

After taking the customer into confidence, the police found out from the investigation that Sah was gaining access to another’s e-service and bank account by asking for OTP (one time password). Along with him, Sarfraz Alam, a resident of Gadhimai in Bara, was also arrested on February 8, 2078.

At that time, they tricked people into depositing money by saying that if they deposited 50,000 in E-service, they would get a bonus of 2,500. 35 people have filed a complaint against Shubham at the Valley Crime Investigation Office. So far, through the investigation, it has been found that he cheated 16 lakh 13 thousand and the police have also recovered 10 SIM cards from him. He was living in Koteshwar, Tinkune and Shankhamul by changing his hulia.

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Police arrested 19-year-old Aditya Karna from Janakpurdham sub-metropolitan city-4 campus chowk and currently living in Kathmandu metropolitan city-29 Dillibazar on the charge of placing fake advertisement of mobile phone sales online.
Dillibazar was arrested.

The investigation revealed that he who was arrested on 27th of Baisakh created pages on Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram and Viber and claimed that various expensive brands of iPhones and mobile sets were for sale and took an amount of 485 thousand rupees from the victims. Then he was sent to District Police Complex Tekuma for necessary investigation and action on fraud related offense by the team of Kathmandu Valley Crime Investigation Office.

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Devraj Sigdel, a 36-year-old local who hacked passwords from two banks in Sundarharaicha Municipality Biratchok of Morang, was arrested on June 1.

The police investigation showed that Sigdel, who was arrested, withdrew Rs 28,000 from the account of Ramesh Acharya, an accountant of RA Vision Account Solutions Pvt.

According to Belwari area police office, further investigation is being done on the incident. The above incidents are only representative incidents. Who tells the list of crimes committed by mobile phones on a daily basis.

As the use and accessibility of information technology increases, on the one hand it has made it easier for common people, on the other hand, the horrific incidents of crime are increasing day by day.

Police Superintendent Ravindra Regmi, spokesperson of the Kathmandu Valley Crime Investigation Office, says that fraud and cyber crimes are increasing, especially through illegal mobile phones.

He says, ‘Nowadays, the number of fraudsters using mobile phones is increasing. They are mostly young people. They steal the bank by hacking it from their mobile phone. They trick people and withdraw money by taking OTP.’

According to him, there are many such hairstyles in a month. He says, ‘A lot of cases of sexual abuse come from social media and complaints are also received.’

He says that women and children are especially victims. There are many women and sisters who use Facebook and WhatsApp from their mobile phones. They trust the unknown person at once. They also give their mobile number and OTP. Fraudsters take advantage of this. Later they will come with a complaint.’

Who is the man about this? What do you think? He says that it is necessary to be alert and aware. So far, 3/4 cases of online fraud and online abuse have come to the investigation office every day or week. It is important to be aware of this.’ Those arrested usually have illegal mobile and Indian numbers. He says that when they cheat from the mobile phone, it also causes difficulties in the investigation.

Similarly, Dan Bahadur Karki, head of District Police Complex Kathmandu, said that the use of mobile phones and social media in crime investigations will be analyzed seriously, so it is necessary to implement this system effectively.
Said there is.

He said that it is also the police’s job to investigate the mobile phones brought illegally without paying tax. Bringing a mobile phone by evading tax without paying customs is a crime in itself. A person who wants to make profit from such actions cannot get immunity. Lately they come into the legal sphere’, said Karki, ‘through the use of illegal mobile phones
The police also investigate crimes.’

He also said that consumers should not buy such goods as mobile phones without bill and packets are stolen. He said that two to three hundred mobile phones are lost every month and it is difficult to track mobile sets that are not registered in the MDMS system.

On the other hand, regulators and businessmen have agreed for the effective implementation of the ‘Mobile Device Management System’ (MDMS) system implemented by the government since May 1st to stop the sale and distribution of mobile phones that are being illegally and illegally entered Nepal without registration.

Chairman of Nepal Telecommunication Authority Purushottam Khanal said that MDMS system has been implemented to prevent unauthorized import and use of mobile sets in Nepal.

He said that this system will stop the illegal business and sale and distribution of mobile phones and bring them into the revenue system and it will also help in reducing criminal activities.

He said that this system will also be effective in preventing access of third parties to confidential and sensitive personal information in case of lost or stolen mobile phone.

“There used to be complaints about bank details and other personal information when a mobile phone was lost or stolen. Now with the MDMS system, stolen phones can be blocked immediately and they can be made to stop working in any corner of the world.” He said. He said that MDMS has been implemented to control mobiles that are stolen, lost, brought without paying customs duty.

Mobile Phone Importers Association President Deepak Malhotra said that mobile phones worth around Rs 15 billion are being sold and distributed illegally and the government is losing revenue worth Rs 3 to 4 billion annually.

He said that some of the phones that come in like this are stolen and consumers are paying the same price as the legal one because they cannot distinguish it as illegal.

‘Due to illegally imported mobile phones, the government is losing revenue of three to four billion rupees annually. Due to the sale of such mobile phones, there will be problems in the investigation of crimes and not getting spare parts for maintenance
No, even businessmen who are doing business legally have to flee.” he said.

He also claims that the price of mobile phones will not increase after the implementation of MDMS. In the same program, Director of Customs Department Poonyavikram Khadka expected that after the implementation of MDMS system, it will increase the government revenue.
Said done.

Revenue Research Department Director Vinod Lamichhane said that when MDMS is implemented, legitimate business will increase and not only businessmen will also benefit from it.

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