Successful testing of hydrogen production and refilling station for the first time in Nepal

Kathmandu University (KU) has achieved success in testing hydrogen production for the first time in Nepal. On Sunday, Kathmandu University successfully tested the green hydrogen production and refilling station.

Head of KU's Green Hydrogen Lab Dr. Viraj Singh Thapa said that after successful testing of hydrogen production and refilling stations, hydrogen was refilled in cars.
'We have created a history. Today is Hydrogen Day for Nepal,' he said.

Now KU has prepared to formally inaugurate the hydrogen car soon. Thapa said that they expected the inauguration to be from the Prime Minister.

The hydrogen car will also be taken to the Hydrogen Expo to be held in Baisakh. Thapa informed that hydrogen is still not recognized by the government's law and said that now hydrogen should be promoted as a commercial use.

Currently, Kathmandu University is designing a commercial refilling station capable of refilling 30-35 vehicles every day and is also communicating with the manufacturer.
He says that hydrogen batteries should not be considered as alternatives. 'Hydrogen should not be seen as an alternative to batteries. It should be taken as an alternative to long distance and digital, he said.

Some time ago, KU brought a car and refilling station with a grant of 50 million rupees given by Nepal Oil Corporation to study hydrogen.

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