The use of GPS to stay within one’s own boundaries on Segway’s lawn mower robot

The use of GPS to stay within one’s own boundaries on Segway’s mowing robot

Segway’s robot mowing machine uses GPS to mow the lawn in your turn. The robot’s name is Nabhimo. It does not require the user to install boundary wires and uses GPS and other sensors to stay in your home.

Exact fusion locating system allows the navel to stay in the designated place. Other sensors on the device will work fine even if there is a problem with the GPS signal. Through the app, it is possible to navigate where to go, how to cut the grass and which part to leave. It works at 54 decibels.

It also has water resistant IP X6. It can also easily remove the obstacles that come with cutting the grass. Some children or pets close the machine automatically. When it rains, the robot returns to the charging station on its own, but by turning off the rain sensor, the robot can be sent to work even when it is raining. When the battery is low, the navel recharges and starts cutting again from where it was cut.


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