How to add dynamic content in WordPress post?

I have developed a plugin to display dynamic content on WordPress post just by setting values from the WP Editor area.

Learn how to add dynamic post content in a WordPress blog.


This method can help to automate your blog content.

How to add dynamic content in WordPress post?

Example: Suppose a blog post contains “2015” as the value (say).

Now, it should be displayed as “4” in the year 2019 (i.e. 2019-2015 = 4) and that of  “5” in 2020 (i.e. 2020-2015 = 5).

In other words, the final number (result printed) is the total duration from the current year to the value set.

I have checked and implemented the solution for the above example.

From Year: 2015

To Current Year: 2019

Result/Duration:  4

From Year: 2016

To Current Year: 2019

Result/Duration:  3

From Year: 2017

To Current Year: 2019

Result/Duration:  2

From Year: 2018

To Current Year: 2019

Result/Duration:  1


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