Default Router Address (1921681254)

It is an IPv4 address and is mostly used as a default IP address for many ADSL and cable modems or routers. The major routers and modems which use as a default IP include Westell ADSL modems and Cayman/Motorola Netopia internet gateways, Thompson ADSL routers, some TP-Link routers, Alcatel ADSL modems, 3Com routers, SRW2023 Linksys switches, and ADSL Billion routers.

Following are given answers of some of the important questions from the users related to IP.

What is the Common Usage of IP?

We have explained earlier that it is the private IP for large number of different modems and routers. However, you can use this IP address in your local network also, but before that make sure that network is not connected to any other router using the same IP. In that case you will have to face the IP conflict issue.

Why is a Private IP Address?

It is called private IP address because it fits into the IP range reserved by IANA as a private range. It is usually done to avoid the lack of availability of IP address.

Can I change IP of My Router?

Default IP is installed on routers and modems by manufacturers, such as Yes, you can change the default IP to any other required address. For this check the user manual you have got with your router for instructions.

I can’t Access to My Router at What can I do?

There can be many reasons for this and you have to look out for them. First check the private IP address of your router. Check the cables or any other network drivers for possible damage. Check the whether your local area connection is configured properly or not. There can be anything which has to find out before contacting any technical support or your network administrator. Following are given few more things which you should try before calling in for help.

– In case you have a wireless router, make sure signals are strong and stable.

– Check your router settings, you may accidentally changed them.

– Make sure your firewall settings right.

– Try to reset your router.

– Did you configure TELNET or SSH on your router.

– Make sure that you have typed IP address is right, i.e.

– Try to reset your local area connection.

– Try to reset your computer.

– Make sure that the cables between your computer and router are properly connected.

– Make sure that the connectors on cables between your computer and router are properly connected and in good condition.

– Make sure that if your router has a switch it should be in good condition. Any broken switch can disrupt the entire network. Remove the broken switch and try again.

If all these things failed then there is chance that your router has malfunction. Better to call for technical help before reaching to any decision.

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