131 Riders Honored at Pathao’s 5th Anniversary, However, Riders’ Commissions On the Decline

Pathao Nepal has launched ‘Pathao Benefit Program’ for its Riders, Captains (taxi drivers) and Pathao Heroes (Food Delivery Person).


This was announced by the company’s Managing Director Asim Man Singh Basnyat while speaking at a program organized to honor the best drivers on September 24 (Sunday) to mark the completion of five years of its establishment.

131 best drivers and Pathao heroes who have ridden since the beginning of Pathao till now have been selected and honored in separate categories.

Speaking at the event, Basnyat, the company’s managing director, said that Pathao, which was started in one city to make it easier for a person to move from one place to another, is now going to different cities. He said, ‘Now we are going to another 5/6 cities soon.’

He said that Pathao is also contributing well to the total GDP of the country.

According to the company, Pathao drivers have been honored by classifying them into diamond, platinum, gold, silver and bronze categories based on the rides they have taken so far.

Besides, accident allowance has also been arranged for the riders. According to the company, the riders in Diamond, Platinum, Gold, Silver and Bronze categories of the company will be given an accident allowance ranging from 10,000 to 30,000 rupees.

Shashank Shamsher Thapa, the spokesperson of Pathao Nepal, informed that attractive discounts will be available in some designated hospitals, restaurants and workshops. According to the category, school fee sponsorship, mobile data package, monthly quests are also available, according to the company.

Thapa informed that this program is a gift from the company as a concession to the riders, captains and Pathao heroes in Kathmandu Valley who have been associated with Pathao for a long time.

Speaking at the event organized on the occasion of the anniversary, Managing Director Basnyat announced that the ‘Pathao Dasain Festival’ will be started from October 8th. Under this festival, the company is going to reduce the commission paid by the riders.

Currently, there is usually 20 percent commission on bikes and 15 percent commission on car light (taxi). Now for three weeks, the commission of riders and captains (taxi drivers) who take many rides will decrease. In which the commission paid by the maximum rider will be reduced to at least 1 percent.

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