A daily fine of 100,000 dollars on Meta Company, to be paid until an action plan is made

The Data Protection Authority of the European country Norway has decided to impose a heavy fine on Facebook’s parent company Meta for violating the security and privacy of user data.


The authority has decided that Meta Company should pay a fine of 100,000 dollars every day for the allegation of privacy violation.

According to this, Meta will have to pay a fine of 100,000 dollars per day until he makes an action plan to prevent the violation of user’s data privacy.

According to the Data Protection Authority, if Meta does not take any action on the matter of data protection, a fine will be collected from him on a daily basis from August 4 to November 3.

Meta uses information such as the user’s physical location in Norway for advertising purposes. While Norwegian law does not allow information about the user’s location to be obtained in this way.

According to Tobias Judin, Head of International Department of Datatilsinet, Meta’s work is completely illegal and Meta should be stopped immediately. He said that they cannot wait any longer and there is a need for immediate intervention on Meta.

He said that the penalty decision of the said agency will put additional pressure on Meta. If Datatilcinet’s decision is approved by the European Data Protection Board, its territorial scope will increase in Europe.

Meta said that Norway’s data protection authority is reviewing Datatilsinet’s decision and that there will be no immediate impact on its services.

Norway has decided on the latest fine at a time when the European Union is also coming down hard on Meta regarding the issue of user privacy.

According to the EU, Meta cannot use user data illegally. Last year, Ireland’s regulatory body also fined Meta for security breaches. agency

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