Nepal Telecom introduces “À la carte” system for NTTV service

NTTV a la carte

Nepal Telecom has recently introduced an innovative À la carte system for its NT TV IPTV service, which is a significant shift from the traditional bundled packages for television content. This system allows customers to choose and pay only for the channels they want to watch, eliminating unnecessary channels from their subscriptions.

With the À la carte system, subscribers can customize their viewing experience by adding Bouquet packages to their basic or premium plans, enabling them to tailor their entertainment choices according to their preferences.

Moreover, Nepal Telecom is currently offering a special promotion for early adopters. Customers who opt for the annual premium package within the first three months can enjoy the entire premium channel lineup for a discounted monthly rate of Rs. 360.

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To take advantage of these offerings, customers can visit their nearest Nepal Telecom counter to make their selections. Alternatively, those already subscribed to the basic package can purchase additional packages directly through their television menus.

With À la carte system, Nepal Telecom aims to empower subscribers by giving them greater control over their television content and expenditure. This system ensures subscribers only pay for the channels they genuinely enjoy, enhancing their viewing experience.

Monthly and Quarterly Package

FTTH Yearly Packages

A’ La Carte Bouquet For Basic Package

S.N.Package NamePrice With VAT BusicodePackage Type
3Star PackageNPR. 65A-la-carte Bouquet
4Star Entertainment PackageNPR. 40A-la-carte Bouquet
5Star Movies PackageNPR.  40A-la-carte Bouquet
6Star Sport  PackageNPR.  40A-la-carte Bouquet
7Star Sports Prime PackageNPR.  40A-la-carte Bouquet
3Sony PackageNPR.  65A-la-carte Bouquet
4Sony Basic PackageNPR.  40A-la-carte Bouquet
5Sony Sports Prime  PackageNPR. 40A-la-carte Bouquet
6Sony Sports Prime  PackageNPR. 40A-la-carte Bouquet
7Colors PackageNPR. 25A-la-carte Bouquet
8Colors Basic PackageNPR. 25A-la-carte Bouquet
9Colors Prime PackageNPR. 25A-la-carte Bouquet
10Zee PackageNPR. 20A-la-carte Bouquet
11Zee Basic packageNPR. 20A-la-carte Bouquet
12Zee Prime packageNPR. 20A-la-carte Bouquet
13Discovery PackageNPR. 20A-la-carte Bouquet
14Discovery PackageNPR. 20A-la-carte Bouquet
15Discovey Turner PackageNPR. 20A-la-carte Bouquet
16HBO PackageNPR. 15A-la-carte Bouquet
17Times Now PackageNPR. 3A-la-carte Bouquet

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