A person who molested a minor by online grooming was arrested

During the lockdown, a friend request (friend request) was sent to the minor through the social network that opened the online class Lean. She says that she accepted that they are acquaintances.


During the conversation, the victim accepted the love proposal sent through the messaging app and while talking between the two, the victim said that he pressured the minor to make a video call by showing his private parts. Spokesperson and Information Officer Pashupati Kumar Rai said that because the perpetrator threatened to tell all the relatives of the victim, including the father and mother, if she did not do as he said, the profile was blocked.

According to the statement issued by the Cyber ​​Bureau of the Nepal Police Headquarters, after some time, by editing the online conversation between the two people from a fake profile with the victim’s name and picture, the perpetrator sent obscene pictures and videos of the couple to her relatives, including the minor’s sister, and defamed and humiliated her in the society. .

After he and his father submitted a petition to the Cyber ​​Bureau of the Nepal Police Headquarters to find the person involved in the act and take action according to the law, the abuser was arrested.

District Kanchanpur Dodhara Chandni Municipality ward no. Vinod Sunar, aged 18 years of residence 04, was arrested from Kanchanpur on 02/30/2080 with the help of the District Police Office Kanchanpur after obtaining an arrest warrant from the Kathmandu District Court for an offense under the Electronic Transactions Act 2063, with an extension of 5 (five) days by the order of the Kathmandu District Court. Rai said that the necessary investigation work is being done. The incidents of sexual exploitation and harassment through social media are increasing day by day in the bureau.

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