And 15-year-old Dikshant created AI ‘GafGPT’

Dikshant Pandey of Kathmandu was sitting after giving SEE. It takes 3 months to get the result after giving the SEE exam. Planned to learn some new skills to utilize the spare time and also started AI training at Broadway Infosys. Along with training, he was also doing research related to AI.


ChatGPT was just starting to be discussed in the market at that time. The idea of ​​making his own AI chatbot like ChatGPT also popped into his mind. Another thing was to prepare an AI project in the place where he was taking training. Then gafgpt is ready.

Pandey said that GafGPT is an AI chatbot like ChatGPT. ‘SEE was given and sat. There is 3 months free time after giving SEE. I decided to learn AI in that spare time,’ he told Icity News, ‘While learning AI, chatGPT AI started to be discussed in the market. Then I started preparing GafGPT.’

It has been 1 week since Gaff GPT was released. But the test was going on for the past 1 month. ChatGPT’s API is not used in Gough GPT.

GafGPT is linked to data in Microsoft Azure, he says. Currently Gaff GPT does not show updated data if you ask a question. He is also working to solve it.

Pandey says, ‘The problem has arisen because Microsoft has provided old data. New data will be updated upon request to Microsoft. I have progressed in that.’

You have to pay to host Microsoft Azure data on your site. Now Microsoft’s startups are getting to use that data for free under the Founders Hub. But in the future you will have to pay a fee to keep the data in Azure.

Not only the data provided by Microsoft but also plans to keep the data itself. Currently, the Constitution of Nepal is being kept in the training module. Apart from this, the election results, population statistics of Nepal are being prepared.

Currently chat is not fully in Nepali on Goof GPT. Pandey claims that you can chat in Nepali on GafGPT after some time. ‘Now I am learning Devanagiri script. After putting it in the training model, it can answer completely in Nepali,’ he says with confidence, ‘gradually you get the answer to the question asked by Nepali in Nepali.’

All the coding to make ChatGPT was done by Panda. Had to spend money for domain and hosting. His father paid for the purchase of the domain and hosting. He said that as users grow, they will also add ads and sponsorships to ChatGPT. He plans to at least cover the cost of hosting and Azure.

In the initial phase, GfGPT’s UI is simple. But now he is struggling to make GafGPT’s UI attractive. Currently there is no login facility in GafGPT. Pandey informed that a new update will be introduced to bring the facility of login and also show the chat history.

Pandey has also become a Python voice assistant. Python Voice Assistant is a tool built using the ‘Speech Recognition’ module.

It records the user’s voice and converts it to text. The assistant is then trained to provide the desired information to the user.

Dikshanth says that you can send emails, play music, turn on and off the computer, check the weather, etc. from the Python voice assistant.

Python Voice Assistant was ranked among the top 12 under the Rising Star 2022 of the ICITY Awards. Pandey also plans to merge GafGPT and the Python voice assistant. He says that by merging text and voice from one place.

He started learning coding during the Corona epidemic. He was studying in class 8 at that time. He dabbled in coding from HTML and CSS and learned Python, HTML.

Pandey after receiving the Jury Mention Icity Award

Dikshant Pandey, who has been interested in information technology since childhood, was only 15 years old. But in the field of information technology, he has been eliminated. It is said that age does not stop learning. The same has happened in the case of Dikshant Pandey.

At the young age of 15, he has acquired a lot of knowledge of technology. This was made possible by everyone’s hard work. Pandey is also a strong example that in today’s digital age, learning can be learned from YouTube and Google.

Pandey also won the Jury Mention ICT Award 2022 last year. Having passed SEE, he has planned to study science in class 11 and 12. Pandey says with determination, ‘I want to do something in information technology in the future and I will make a career in it.’

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