Are you surprised that the charge of the iPhone runs out quickly? Then follow these steps

Video streaming, Internet browsing, chatting with friends, checking new posts on social media etc. will affect the iPhone’s battery level.


Sometimes you may have experienced the problem of iPhone battery draining while doing some work and it affects your work. Active iPhone use and background activity also affects your battery and drains faster.

Today we have come up with some solutions to solve your problem, which will help your iPhone battery to last longer.

Manage your screen brightness

If the brightness is high, it consumes the battery quickly. So, to reduce the brightness on the iPhone, open the Control Center (swipe down from the top right of the iPhone with Face ID or swipe up from the bottom if it has a home button) and drag down the brightness slider.

Disabling auto brightness can also help save battery. Otherwise it will automatically increase your screen brightness when needed.

To turn off Auto Brightness go to Settings and go to Accessibility. Then go to Display and Text Size and scroll down. And disable auto brightness.

Keep in mind that you still need to manage it better by disabling it. Do not leave your phone on high brightness for long periods of time.

Use dark mode

Using dark mode for phones with OLED displays is another way to save battery. iPhone X, iPhone X S/XS Max, iPhone 11 Pro/Pro Max, iPhone 12 and iPhone 13 have used OLED display. If you use these models, switch to dark mode to save battery.

OLED displays are capable of turning off individual pixels. This means that no black pixels take power to light up. To turn on Dark Mode, go to Settings on your iPhone and go to Display and Brightness. Tap on Ani Dark Mode.

Use in low power mode

This feature is very good to save the battery life of the mobile. When you use ‘low power mode’, some features of the iPhone will not work. Such as automatic download, iCloud backup, email fetching, Hey Siri etc.

It also asks if you want to switch to low power mode when your phone’s battery level drops to 20 or 10 percent. But you can use this feature manually if you go to battery option in settings and toggle on low power mode. This feature can also be used from the control center.

Push off and get email manually

If you receive a lot of emails on a daily basis, you may want to turn off the push sync that updates messages on your device. Instead, users can schedule email arrivals and set them to receive emails only at those times.

You can also go and check the mail from time to time so that the mail does not sync automatically until you check. It may be a little difficult for some users, but it can be fixed by going to the settings as before as soon as the iPhone is charged or when the battery is not low.

To use this feature first go to settings. Then go to Mail and click on Account and click on Fetch New Data.

And above push option shows turn it off and tap on manually or put in schedule. After this, tap on each account in the list to change from Fetch to Manual.

Reduce Autolock’s timeout

Autolock feature is one such feature of mobile, which locks the mobile after a certain time when the iPhone is not running. Time can be selected from 30 seconds to 5 minutes.

If you want to increase the battery life, reduce the autolock time. First go to Settings to turn on Autolock. Then go to display and brightness option and turn on autolock feature.

Don’t waste battery

The iPhone collects data about which apps consume the most battery. To check this first go to settings and go to battery. Which shows how much battery has been consumed by which apps in the last 24 hours and 10 days.

If you see background activity under the name of the app, it means that the battery is being consumed even when you are not actively using the app.

Go to mobile settings to stop it. Then go to General and click on Background App Refresh. All apps consume battery when the screen is on. Apps like video streaming and heavy games consume the battery quickly.

Minimize notifications

When you receive a notification on your phone. which consumes battery. By managing this, you can increase the life of the battery. Decide which app’s notifications are not important to you and turn off their notifications.

For this first go to settings. Then go to Notifications. Select the app for which you want to turn off notifications and turn off the ‘Allow Notifications’ toggle. If you don’t want to turn off notifications, turn on ‘Do Not Disturb’ on your iPhone.

It also prevents notifications from coming to the device. You can use this feature when you need extra battery.

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