Businesses in Karnali Pradesh will be given free accounting software tag

Accounting Software for Small and Medium Businesses of Karnali Pradesh Tig It will be available for free. In collaboration with Karnali Province, Tig will provide free cloud-based Tig software to small and medium businesses in Karnali.


TIG discussed this issue with Karnali Province Internal Affairs and Law Minister Krishna Bahadur GC last Sunday.

In the discussion, Minister GC said that software like TIG will help to make Karnali digital. ‘Our aim is to make a digital Karnali,’ Minister GC said, ‘Tig will help the goal of digital Karnali by digitizing the businesses. We are happy to collaborate with Tig.’

Similarly, Tig co-founder Prathana Shakh said that with the aim of supporting the Karnali state government’s Digital Karnali campaign, they have taken to giving free Tig software to businesses in the state.

‘Karnali province has taken forward the Digital Karnali mission,’ she said, ‘to make a digital Karnali, business should also be made digital. Accordingly, we are giving free software to small and medium businesses of Karnali province.

In accordance with its commitment to include everyone in modern technology, TIG has arranged that all businesses with registered addresses in nine districts (West Rukum, Salyan, Dolpa, Humla, Jumla, Kalikot, Magu, Dailekh and Jajarkot) can use TIG software free of charge.

Tig software costing between 20 to 32 thousand per business is being given free to the businessmen of Karnali province operating in Dargum.

The company believes that Tig will make it easier for businesses to streamline and organize accounting. This collaboration is expected to help in the economic growth of the province by empowering local businesses.

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