Corruption case against Vikal Paudel on the charge of obtaining government benefits by giving false information

The Abuse of Authority Investigation Commission has filed a case in a special court against the then executive director of Surakshan Printing Center, Vikal Paudel, on corruption charges of submitting false information.

A case has been filed against Paudel on obtaining a permanent residence permit from a foreign country contrary to the provisions of Article 291 of the Constitution of Nepal and receiving benefits by holding a government position without self-declaration and submission of details.

Poudel submitted a statement that he did not get a temporary residence permit from abroad to continue to receive benefits and facilities while serving as the executive director of Surakshan Printing Center.

While holding the status of a national servant, even after obtaining the legal permanent residence permit of the United States of America, he hid/concealed the said details even when the term of office was extended on 02.13.2079. After it was confirmed that he had received benefits and facilities while holding the position of a national servant by hiding the details and giving false information, the authority filed a case.

Rabins Sharma Lamichhane

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