Do not accidentally place the Wi-Fi router in the 4 position, the signal strength will be weak

Is the WiFi you use running slow? If that is the case, then doing any work may have caused a lot of problems due to slow internet.

If the Wi-Fi router is not installed in the right place, no matter how expensive the package you buy, you will not get good internet speed. There are some places where good signal strength is not available from WiFi router. In this case, today we are going to tell you about such places where you should not place your router.

Do not place the router on the ground floor

If your house has multiple floors then you should try to connect wifi only on the middle floor and the reason for this is that it provides internet on both upper and lower floors while connecting wifi only on the ground floor the range of wifi is limited to two floors only.

Don't make the mistake of placing it on a stool or table

In many homes, Wi-Fi routers are placed on stools or tables, due to which the range of the Internet is affected. A WiFi router should always be installed at some height, it provides the same frequency everywhere and the internet connection stays good.

In a closed room

If you have installed your Wi-Fi router in a closed room of the house, there is a strong possibility that the internet connection will not be available in the whole house, in fact the internet range in the closed room will be affected.

When covered

If you are installing your Wi-Fi router in a covered area, this will cause the Wi-Fi coverage to deteriorate. You should avoid covering it. In this way the signal strength can be improved.

Rabins Sharma Lamichhane

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